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“We Give What You Need To Be The Best On The Field”

My Business
This business at GSQE, was founded in 2001 by Jovan Collins. It was her dream to become successful in this sport known as ‘ Soccer’ or  ‘ Football’. So, she thought why not help other females with the same interest to do the same and without this

About GSQE

This business has to do solely with female soccer cleats. These cleats are made fully of cotton and leather with breathing / air holes at each side. They are all measured to perfection and each ankle protection is  knitted by hand. This is done all as a sign of love for all our customers. It is also a way of being a part of the success our cleats will lead to.

The Six (6) Qualities

  1. Communication : 

Effective communication skills are essential. An employer like myself look for eye contact and an open posture that includes a forward leading position, unfolded arms and legs. One also looks for this skill because it comes in handy when dealing with customers of all different moods.

Positive Attitude:

A positive attitude is a quality closely linked with business professionalism. Every employer wants an employee who is upbeat and excited about with the organization. When an employee is enthusiastic about the job, this energy and mode is carried over into the workplace and in the job performance.


How a candidate will fit in is a big consideration. An employee will not allows work with others but when they do, the employer need to know that they can work well with a team on projects.


This type of employee will help further the business. They will look at their job as a challenge or goal. With this mentality the employee will put out their best performance.


This is a valuable ability to varying circumstances, people and to handle unforeseen events with a sense of calm and grace. This is needed to have a lasting successful business.


This is a quality every employer would love for their employee to have. This is the type of employee who will show up on time and give their all on every task / assignment. This employee will comply with the rules and procedures. They are also trustworthy with the companies resources.