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Anne Frank's Diary


Raja Ahmad

Anne’s mother, Mrs Frank was very upset with Anne after she saw Anne wasn’t acting like a woman. She thought it was very disturbing and not what you would do in a formal setting. Her mother said to her “ Anne, please” but Anne did not listen to her mother and just said “It’s alright I’ve got three more on”. She said this as she was taking off her clothes in front of everyone which her mother thought was not very “lady like”. This shows conflict between Anne and her mother because they could not agree on what Anne should do. I think it is very annoying when Mrs. Frank has to yell at her daughter over and over again. If Anne said “ok mother” they would not have fought and no one would see tension between them. Anne was arguing with Peter after she hid his shoes. He said “You’re going to be sorry” and Anne replied “Am I?” Her mom called out Anne yet again saying “Anne, dear!”. Anne continued to be disruptive when she was rolling on the floor with Peter. Her mother was horrified and said to them  “Anne!...Peter!” She continued to conflict with her and she said “Anne, dear, I think you shouldn’t play like that with Peter. It’s not dignified.”  I feel that Anne expresses her feelings too dramatic and sometimes at inappropriate times. Maybe if she showed some more respect to others, she would be a nice person to be be friends with, however there is conflict evident between her mother because sometimes she doesn’t understand how to help Anne with her feelings and emotions.

Mrs. Frank wouldn't listen to Anne




I noticed that Peter and his father do not have a strong father and son bond. Mr. Van Daan does not like the fact that Peter brought his cat, Mouschi, into hiding with them. He thinks that the cat is eating most of their food when they could be eating it. Mr. Van Daan states, “Don’t tell me! He gets fatter every day! That cat looks better than any of us. Out he goes tonight!”. Peter defends his cat saying that it only eats the scraps of food and that if the cat goes, he will leave as well. Peter’s father doesn’t treat him like a young man who can do things and make his own decisions himself. Mr. Van Daan wants Peter to grow and mature as time passes. He does this by speaking to him as if he was an adult to become well known of how men talk and act. It was not surprising in Act 1 that there were many times of tension between Peter and his father. In act two there might be more  understanding between the two. Peter will also mature into a man and finally realize the responsibility his father has learned before.


Peter argues with hisFather

Manuel Lares


The Van Daans and the Franks do not see eye to eye when it comes to solving arguments or taking care of their families. I noticed that the Franks do things the traditional way while the Van Daans do what they choose even if it is not the traditional way. When Anne ruined Mrs. Van Daan’s father's coat she was furious because she had the coat for a while and it was very expensive. Mrs. Van Daan cares more about material things than people sometimes such as with her and her father's coat and Mr. Van Daan with his cigarettes.  Whenever Miep or Mr. Kraler comes to pickup the list for needed supplies, he always complains about his cigarettes. I believe he and his wife should be thankful for their family being alive and having the Franks take them into their hiding place. The Franks care about their family to make sure that they are cared for instead of given lavish things to them. The Franks are the better family to be with because they value being a respectful person and caring for others. When Mrs. Van Daan talks to Anne about when she was younger she doesn’t hold back on anything. She is not afraid to say what is on her mind no matter the cost. Mr. Van Daan tells Mrs. Van Daan,” Look at you, talking that way in front of her! Don’t you know she puts it all down in that diary?” Mrs. Van Daan responds with,” So if she does? I’m only telling the truth.” I am not surprised that the Franks and Van Daans do not agree on some things because they both have two completely different lifestyles and life morals. One family supports love and care while the other supports power of words and being materialistic.



The Van Daans started a war with the Franks


Raja Ahmad

Mrs. Van Daan's fur coat

Raja Ahmad

As I see, Mr. Van Daan was caught stealing the bread, Mrs. Frank acts completely different and starts blaming everyone. She yells at Mr. Van Daan. “The bread! He was stealing the bread!” When Mrs. Van Daan sticks up for her husband,  Mrs. Frank turns to her and yells at her too. “And you..You’re worse than he is! You’re a mother, and yet you sacrifice your child to this man….this...this…” She continues to yell at Mrs. Van Daan by telling everyone how she gave the best pieces to Mr. Van Daan and the worst pieces for everyone else. She goes on with her angry attitude and tells the Van Daans to leave the hiding place. She says “Just that! Take your things and get out!” “No! No! No more talk! I want them to leave!” She talks about how the Van Daans can find other hiding places. She was so mad at them she even tried to give them money so that they would leave. I feel that the two families are not getting together well because the Van Daans can be materialistic and selfish at times and can forget that they are a family. While the Frank family believes more in being a good person and living by life morals to be successful in life.




Mrs Frank fights with the group

Mr. Dussel divides the potatoes

 Jews were captured and sent to a concentration camp.


Margot and Mrs. Frank start to talk about the war and how it is affecting the world. Mrs. Frank is very surprised when Margot said,”Sometimes I wish the end would come…whatever it is.” Mrs.Frank responds,” You should be ashamed of yourself! Talking that way! Think how lucky we are! Think of the thousands of people in concentration camps.” What Margot means is that she wants the hiding to end because she doesn’t like the fact that she can not go anywhere and has not gone outside for months. Mrs.Frank tries to bring sense to Margot by saying how they are fortunate enough to escape from being captured and sent to their deaths along with thousands of innocent people. Mrs. Frank does not know why Margot would think such a thing because she is usually thankful for everything she has. I feel that Margot does not want to be stuck hiding for any longer because she has been in the same place with the same people for months. Margot wants the end to come no matter what it is as long as it is different than what she is doing. The tension between Margot and Mrs. Frank increased because Mrs. Frank is not used to the the new ideas Margot is thinking.

Margot argues with Mrs. Frank

Manuel Lares

Peter looks back at his past with a conflicting attitude. He talks about how he is stupid and he would get a job that doesn’t require intelligence. “I thought I might go off some place… work on a farm or something….some job that doesn’t take much brains. Anne tries to make him feel better by saying that he has the worst inferiority complex but Peter replies with “I know I’m not smart” Anne talks about how he is better than her in many things such as arithmetic and algebra. He talks about back before the war he had no friends.


Raja Ahmad


Peter and his past

Peter finds out who he really is.

Manuel Lares

While in hiding, there were many events that occurred which created tension between the Franks and the Van Daans. One instance is when Dussel was accepted into the group and no one agreed with Mr. Frank to take him in. The Van Daans thought that it would be risky and time consuming to have another mouth to feed and hide from the workers during the day. Mr.Frank then says,”We don’t need the Nazis to destroy us. We’re destroying ourselves.” I feel what Mr. Frank is trying to say is that the fighting always occurs even when it does not involve the Nazis. The Nazis are no why they keep fighting sometimes. The group has been through many significant events which have changed their views on others and the world. When Mr. Frank reads the quote Anne wrote, it said,” In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really still good at heart.” what Anne is saying is that although at the beginning of hiding she focused on the fact that they were trapped and could not go anywhere because of the Nazis. As they continued to live in hiding she was one of the first to realize that there were people like Miep and Mr.Kraler who risked their lives gathering supplies and food for them even when they didn’t have to. Through the events I have seen during hiding, what I learned is that conflict does not always push people apart. Conflict can bring people together and make them stronger than they once were. This theme may apply to life today because there are many cases where people have tough times with others for not seeing eye to eye for something. However when they finally realize and understand the other person, they will see how helpful they are and see the good things they have been missing because of being distracted by the disagreements.



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