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Protist and fungi can live in a wide variety of environments such as lakes, oceans, rivers, and forrest. fungi can be found about anywhere at any time. many fungi in our world are decomposers which means that they break down and eat dead things such as plants and animals. fungi live in most forrest and they can live on trees and and ground. they are mostly found in tropical rainforrest because they need water and rain to survive. fungi are also heterotrophs. fungi are also helpful and hurtful to humans. one way they are helpful is that they produce some of the foods we eat today such as yeast(bread). they are also hurtful because in the wild if someone were to eat a poisinous mushroom they could end up in a bad situation. fungi can reproduce asexually and sexually meaning that they can reproduce with one or two fungi. many to all fungi's are muticelled meaning the ave more than one cell.Protist come in all different shapes and sizes. protist are not classified as plant or animals either.