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1. I myself enjoy keeping up with the latest news and rumors of new phones and features hitting the market, through online articles and magazines. I like keeping up with new phone technologies since I always enjoy having the lastest in cell phone technology.

2. learned that new technologies key features and benefits it provided for the customer.

3. ok

1. By listening to the customers needs and wants, I am able to better understand what the customer wants. the more information I have the more likely I am to close the deal by not only meeting his needs and wants but by surpassing them.


3. took as much time as needed to pleass the customer and to make sure she was happy with the customer service she received 

1.I convinced my manager to switch our promos from early in the morning to later in the afternoon. the reason for the switch as I explained to my manager was that the traffic flow in that location was higher in the afternoon as opposed to the morning. more traggic flow more oppurtunaties for sales she agreed



1. my 1st day on the job i was critiqued by my team lead for spending extra time helping potential customers trouble shoot their phone. I was told to try to spend more time with my sales pitch rather than helping so much. I explained to her that in my opinion the customer service and trouble shooting is part of the sales. As we have many customers who simply switch providers just becuase of the customer service that they are provided. 

2. As part of our promos we were required to saty within a certain area, that area was not always the best for traffic flow and customer interaction. I would leave my designated area in order to increase my chances of making a sale. This is something I took uo with my sales lead and they where fine with it

3, ok

1. My phone is my life line, i use to keep in touch with friends families, with whats going on in the world today, navigation, it controls accesories around my house, banking and of course shopping. I am a firm believer that whatever it is that you may need or want to do their is either an app or a feature that will do just that for you. 

2. good

3. I have been an avid android user since day one, while working with m2w I encountred alot of ios trouble shooting something i was not familiar with at all. I took it upon myself to watch videos and read articles on iphones and their operating system to familiarize my self with their operating system uses and applications. I can def say i grew an appreciation for ios 

I had a customer who came in said he really wanted an iphone but hated the fact that their memory was not expandable. I explained to the customer that we had various memory sizes to meet his needs I suggested a 128 gb iphone. He replied with thats not eneough memory. I then proceded to take out my phone and asked him if had ever heard of drop box, he said no and i explained to him it was one of many forms of expanding memories on phones. I also let him know that expadable memories are quickly fading away in favor of cloud based storaged. I felt good knowing that my knowledge of technoloty and applications was able to help me assist this customer

2. good 

3. good