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The ASPCA originated in New York and has grown to be spread all through the US and they're dedicated to giving homeless animals the best possible homes and saving them from natural disasters.

The ASPCA is the first North American animal shelter and is one of the largest and most impactful shelter to this day.

They work all around the US to keep dogs and cats off the street and out of potential harm and make sure that they good to good, caring homes.

The president of the ASPCA, Matthew Bershadker, says "Helping vulnerable animals and keeping pets in safe and loving homes requires a commitment from all of us—advocates, pet owners, shelters, leaders, and entire communities. When we work together under a common cause, we’re both saving lives and elevating our society and its laws to ensure cruelty victims and other at-risk animals receive the protection and care they deserve." Because of this, everyone who volunteers at the ASPCA is devoted to making sure that every animal they rescue stays happy and healthy.