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A poem that rhymes. The rhythm is the way to succeed and to alternate a series of sounds that are repeated periodically in a certain interval of time.

No racks in her pocket,No stacks in her wallet,But she all into bubblySlurpin’ and burpin’.Lookin for a big baller,Who’ll give her wat she wants,Wildin’ on the dance floor,Tweakin’ an’ freakin’,Shawty actin' so cra cra!She just like da rest a dem,But Shawty real fly,Sure likes a lotta ice,Bling bling, and Benjamins.

What are the 4 elements of Rap?

1. Rapping → The Rappers who sing choruses
2. Djing → The Djs who are the complement of the Rapiers
3. BreakDancing → The way to express Hip-Hop culture by dancing
4. Graffiti → Drawings on walls expressing culture HH

 How do the Rapiers dress?

• Rappers wear big clothes. The rappers used to buy large clothes, extra large and the most comfortable because they had to protect themselves from the cold.

Hip hop as both a musical genre and a culture was formed during the 1970s when block parties became increasingly popular in New York City, particularly among African-American youth residing in the BronxAt block parties DJs played percussive breaks of popular songs using two turntables and a DJ mixer to be able to play breaks from two copies of the same record, alternating from one to the other and extending the "break".
Image means a figure or visual representation of something or someone.

1- A great message of Hip hop is their understanding, Incredible but 

few really see why hip hop appears problems without tissue.

2-Literary composition that is conceived as an artistic expression of beauty through the word, especially that which is subject to the measure and cadence of the verse. 


Hip hop is more than your understanding of culture
Its not your educated last in the middle of all crowded thighs
Unbelievable but few truly view why hip hop pops issues with no tissue
But that’s my understanding from crocodiles that had standing ovations 
Attacked by microphone visits

 Hip hop is poetry 

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