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Adrian Dimov
Film Archive
Understanding the lack of identity and the neglectance of his-
tory only the preservation is the salvation of Salfords historic
and central core. Not only by books but aer the beginning
of the 20th century lm footages preserve the history and
they are treated same as books as heritage. By archiving we
preserve Salford.
Spaces Heritage
Detail 1:20
One of the main features of the building is the
staircase which link oor levels. ose staircase are
multifuncioanl and quite exible.
e starcases give movement of the building.
Since it is half underground and above, the circu-
lation will be vertical. e middle building is the
main transition ( entrance ). the diagram below
explain the main circulation in plan
Year 2 Project- Levenshulme eatre
e brief in my second year project was to create a cultural building in one of the poorest areas
in Manchester.
During my second year I was involved in variety of projects. My main project in studio was the Levenshulme
eatre. We were given a task to create a cultural building in one of the poorest areas in Manchester. At initial
stage we had to research and analyse the location. My programme is based on the demographic research which
shows that over half of the population is foreign. ere dierent small national communities in that area from
all around the world. e intial thought was to create a perfomance space so that cultures could exchange one
another, learn more from the other. It was more about intergrating the dierent communities
Entrance to the building Atrium-main space
1:200 Scale Proposal
During my second year I was chosen in an event which had to do with designing a peacful
space behind one of the university buildings.
In this event architecture and landscape student had to collaborate with 5th year architecture
students on this event. We had the opportunity to talk with the client about the brief. Be-
cause we were architecture and landscape students, we were able to design not only a struc-
ture but a whole environment where people (student) can relax and enjoy. e event was a
three weeks project with multiple tasks governed by the 5th years and two nal presenta-
According to the client, the group met the expectations. We proposed a design garden
whithe dierent alternatives in accordance to the budget we were given which was 5000£.
Summer Internship
During my stay in Architecture:M I was involved in several projects which most of them
were on a proposal stage.
-e top render is a extention proposal for one country side house outside Manchester. Be-
tween the teo houses it was proposed to design a link between them along with a garage on
the other side. Along with that it was proposed to extend one of the houses which will make
it more spacious.
- e bottom right render is a proposal oce building in the Northern Quater area in central
Manchester. e current state of the property is half burned down 4 stories Victorian build-
ing which is unusable. e client wishes to keep the door gate as it preserves the only unaf-
fected part. e idea is to create a taller building for more oce spaces. Because it is an oce
building for textile,fashion and clothes the concept of the mesh metal fasade comes from the
fabric pattern.
-e le bottom images is a proposal apartament building in Birmingham. e existing
building on the site will be demolished so the client seeks for alternative building concepts.
Magic life leisure club-Golden Sand
e scale of the project encompasses an area of more than 180 thousand square meters.
e concept of the whole club is simply creating an enclosed magic life word.
is enclosed complex aims to overhwlem visitors with its attractions,tranquility, enchant-
ment and ne architecture.