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Grains are seeds that come from a plant called cereals.

 It provides food energy and most consumed grains are corn, rice, and wheat.

Pros about Grains

- Grains help reduce risks of chronic diseases

- Includes sources of important nutrients, fiber B, and vitamins and minerals

- Helps reduce blood cholesterol levels

- B vitamins help release energy from protien

Cons about Grains 

- Causes an impact with hormone production in the body  

- Most grains include gluten

Fun Fact: The first pregnancy test in ancient Egypt women would pee on a field of wheat. If the wheat sprouted it was going to be a girl and if it barley sprouted it was going to be a boy, if nothing happened the women were not pregnant. 

One person should be eating at least 3 ouncesĀ 

or more a day of grains per day.


Fun Fact: A tomato is not a vegetable it is a fruit.  

One person it is recommended to have 1 to four cups of vegetables a day.

Vegetables, Plants used as foods.

Cons about Vegetables

- May cause abdominal cramps and diarrhea.

- Some vegetables have high calorie levels because of the natural sugars. 

Pros about Vegetables

- Provides nutrients, fiber, and vitamins A, E, and C.

- Helps maintain healthy blood pressure.

- May lower risks of heart disease.

- Helps body form red blood cells.


Recommended for people to have 1-2 cups of fruit a day.

Fruits, a food that is sweet fresh from trees or the or other plants that contain seeds in them. 

Cons about fruits

- fruits contain fructose and is harmful in large amounts

- Being on a low-carb/ ketogenic diet you restrict the carbs from fruit


Interesting fact: Eating an apple in the morning is more reliable to stay awake than a cup of coffee. 

Pros about fruit

- Fruits have natural sugar 

- Can reduce the risk of heart disease or stoke

- Can be part of a healthier diet

Milk Products

Wisconsin is the leading state with producing the most milk and dairy products. 

Drinking three or four glasses of milk meet what each person should have each day.

Pros about milk products

- Great source of vitamin D, potassium, and calcium

- Helps grow your bones and healthy for brain

- Helps blood pressure and heart health

Cons about milk products 

- about 3/4 of people in the world are intolerant to lactose 

- Can lead to acne

- Higher risk of prostate cancer

Meat and Beans

Pros about meat and beans

- Good with B Vitamins

- Good sources of iron, magnesium, Vitamin E, and zinc

- Provide good energy

- The iron helps red blood cells to carry oxygen around the body

Meat and beans, foods that contain protein and nutrients.