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Table of Contents


2     A  Note from the Director


3     September Calendar of Events


4     How the Library Can Help Your


             Child Succeed in School


6     Children's Corner


7     This Just In


8     Around the Corner


Remember when you wanted more than anything to see that one special concert, but it just wasn't to be?   Now is your chance to catch up on some of the best that you have missed.


Freegal is a streaming music and video app that can be accessed from the comfort of your own home via an Internet-accessible device and your library card. To get started, go to and click on 




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September Events at Your Library

It's Back to School Time: 

Level 1:  Preschool

You have probably heard that you are your child's first and most important teacher.  That is because it is at this age that foundational language skills are developed.  Children learn vocabulary by being read to. Having a rich vocabulary is a key predictor to academic success.


Miss Erica, our children's librarian, offers many read aloud opportunities every week.  See the calendar on page three for dates and times.  


Our staff will be happy to help you select appropriate picture books to share with your child. Some classic preschool books are listed below:


List courtesy of Parents <>.  Accessed August 14, 2016.

No matter the age,


the library can help


you further your


educational goals.

Level 2:  Elementary

Real academic work begins in preschool, where children are exposed to all types of learning, usually through play.  In kindergarten children are expected to know many sight words, letters, numbers, and have some concept of the sounds letters make.  The writing process begins.


Because all children learn at different rates and in different ways, parents may need tutoring, extra learning resources, or enrichment activities for their children.  Fortunately, the library offers all of these.


Miss Erica offers tutoring on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, and a variety of enrichment programs on a monthly basis.  The library collection offers a number of books that help parents provide reinforcement of lessons and enrichment activities.  We also have books that help parents with the special education process, and we have many books for homeschooling parents.  And, of course, all children can benefit by reading books from our children's section.


Sometimes, children's reading abilities do not keep pace with their grade level. These children are usually quite frustrated that they cannot read and share the same books are their peers. This is where audio books come in.


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 How the Library Can Help

Sessions will be repeated upon request.

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Students or parents could download age-appropriate audio books from WVDeli.  When children listen to a book and follow along with the text, their comprehension, vocabulary and reading skills improve,and they can enjoy literature that is appropriate for their age.


By third grade children generally begin writing reports.  Our librarians can help you select print and online sources that may be helpful.  Here are some of our databases that your child may need.

 If you or your student would like a personal consultation with a librarian to use any of these resources,  complete this form on our webpage.

Levels 3 and 4: Middle and High Schools


Many of the same services available to younger students are also available to middle and high school students.  We have a wide variety of literature and audiobooks. Tutoring is available; reserving a librarian is available and could be a very important service for this age group.


By the time students reach middle school, they are expected to be able to critically analyze the information they are presenting. This often means that your student will need to find information not easily uncovered by a Google Search or Wikipedia article.  Our librarians can help your child find and evaluate the information they have and then help them repackage their conclusions in a final product.


We have additional databases that will be useful at these levels, including Points of View and a more sophisticated version of Explora.

Every Monday:


   3:30  Sensory Storytime


   5:00  Kids Arts and                       Crafts Club


   6:00  Mountaineer                         Therapy Dogs


Every Tuesday


   2:00 Phonics



Every Wednesday


   1:30 Yoga Storytimes


   3:00  Homework Help


Every Thursday


   11:00  Little Science                          Explorers


     3:00  Homework help


September 9 and 10 at              Black Heritage Festival.





Children's Services Department

September Offerings


 Julia's Shelf
Come meet Dean Skinner

September 3rd will be the reception for Dean Skinner. He is a local artist now living in Cleveland Ohio. His work has been shown in many states and Dean brings his work back to Clarksburg every year for the Italian Festival. Please come and meet this wonderful artist on Saturday, September 3rd right after the Italian Heritage Festival parade. This is a limited time show as he will be returning to Cleveland after the show on Saturday.


Also in September


On September 13 the library will host Jenny Bardwell and Susan Brown. These two wonderful ladies will talk about their book Salt Rising Bread: Recipes and Heartfelt Stories of a Nearly Lost Appalachian Tradition. They are  the owners of the Rising Creek Bakery in Mt Morris Pa. This promises to be a very tasty afternoon!

The library will be visiting the Harrison County Senior Citizen Center on the 8th and the 22nd of September. Phyllis will be taking new books, movies and more. If you visit the center or have family members that do you can also take advantage of the library services there.


We will be wrapping up September in anticipation for Crystal Good on the 1st of October. Crystal is an artist, advocate and entrepreneur. Watch our website and Facebook page for more information.


After a recent trip to the West Virginia Writers Conference I am honored to say I live in West Virginia. We have a wealth of authors who bring entertainment, knowledge, humor, history and so much more to our readers
The library has several books written by local talent. Please stop by and enjoy the harvest of books that come from this wonderful knowledge.

Did you know that after the library closes, you can still take advantage of our wonderful services?

WV Deli for checking out books
Zinio for checking out and keeping magazines
Freegal for free music and movies

Wireless printing that can be picked up the next day the library opens.


Science fiction is one of the most popular genres in the United States today, and new authors are gaining critical acclaim for their contributions to this body of work.  Here are some of the new authors I have explored this past month.  Click on the links to locate their works in our collection.

Andrzej Sapkowski – Bestselling author in Poland, also made the New York Times bestsellers list.  Noted for his series about the world of The Witcher, which inspired the video game by the same name, of which the fifth full length book is coming in 2017.


Michelle West (Michelle Sagara) – Canadian author, writes books under both names, her Sun Sword series was very popular, and is currently writing the House Wars series.  All her works share an interconnected universe.


David Dalglish – USA Today bestselling author David Dalglish is noted for his Half-Orcs series.  His fast paced writing style is a combination of Game of Thrones and sword and sorcery RPGs with vivid descriptions.


Rachel Aaron (a.k.a. Rachel Bach, where she writes more hardcore SF) – Urban fantasy writer, known for witty and humorous characters.


John Gwynne – Recommended for fans of George R. R. Martin, Brandon Sanderson and David Gemmell.  His Faithful and the Fallen series is currently 4 books long, and the first book won the David Gemmell award for best debut fantasy in 2012.


Mark Lawrence – Similar writing style to Joe Abercrombie, Brent Weeks, Peter V. Brett, and has drawn comparisons to George R. R. Martin.  Has two trilogies currently (Broken Empire trilogy and Red Queen’s War), with another series starting in 2017.


Anthony Ryan – Another New York Times bestselling author, has 3 series currently published or expected (Raven’s Shadow, Slab City Blues and Draconis Memoria).  Draws many comparisons with epic fantasy writers such as Robert Jordan, George R. R. Martin and David Gemmell.


Richard A. Knaak – USA Today and NYT bestselling author, also known for his writing and cover art in the world of DragonLance.  HIs Dragonrealm series is very similar to DragonLance and Forgotten Realms, though set in a different world, and his newest series is the Black City series.


Naomi Novik – Her Temeraire series has drawn many good reviews, and her standalone novel Uprooted was nominated for the Hugo Award for best novel in 2016.


Have an author to share?  Email me at

Are you ready for some new science fiction authors? 















Parenting Your Parent

Strategies to Help You Cope

More and more Americans are facing the dilemma of being their parent's caregiver.  Most of us are gravely unprepared for the emotional toll and medical decisions we will have to make.


The library will offer three one-hour programs in October to help make you aware of financial, emotional and medical issues you may face.  


To suggest specific topics, please email  We look forward to making these workshops relevant for you.