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By:Devin Shimabukuro

Poison Dart Frog






Dedicated to my friends and family

Poison Dart Frog

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By Devin Shimabukuro

By:Devin Shimabukuro 

Published on Febuary 6,2017 

Ms Scotts reading class

Chapter 1 Where the Poison Dart Frog lives.PG:6

Chapter 2 Size and vertabrate or invertabrate.PG:8


Chapter 3 Eating Habits.PG:10


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Table of Contents

The Poison dart frog only lives in a very certain place. Dont worry if you dont live in a rain forest in South America you will be fine. You can still be safe in the rain forest and be safe from the poison dart frog. The poison dart frog lives on the forest floor, so just avoid the forest floor and you will be fine. Now you know how to avoid and how to find the poison dart frog.

Chapter 1 Where the Poison Dart Frog Lives.

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     The tree frog can be 4in to 5.5in long so I bet your wondering how long the poison dart frog is. The poison dart frog is 1/2in to 2in long. A vertabrate has a backbone a invertabrate does not have a backbone. A poison dart frog is a vertabrate that means it has a backbone. Now you know if a poison dart frog is a invertabrate or a vertabrate.



Chapter 2 Size and 



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I bet you were wondering if a treefrog eats crickets,earthworms,and waxworms, what does a poison dart frog eat. Poison dart frogs eat flies,ants,spiders,earthworms,and termites. Their diet increases their toxitity mostly the ants and the terrmites. The poison dart frog mostly eats on ants it raises thier toxility the most. If you where wondering what the poison dart frog eats now you know.

Chapter 3:Eating Habits 

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Chapter 4: Adaptations

If the poison dart frog does not have any adaptations other than poison how does it surrive? Most animals have their own adaptation they can tell what to eat and not to eat, like not to eat a poison dart frog. So a poison dart frog uses this to this to thier advantage. The poison dart frog may not be very big, but it is small so it can hide very well. The poison dart frog can live a very long time in the wild.

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A tree frog can look the same as the next one and the next and the next. With a poison dart frog you could have a yellow,gold,copper,red,green,blue,or black. Besides the exzatic colors a poison dart frog can have many patterns like,pokidots,stripes, and swirls. As you can tell the poison dart frog has many patterns colors and sizes. Now you know no kind of poison dart frogs are the same.

Chapter 5:Description

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Poison dart frogs have a ton of interesting facts about them. Like poison dart frogs had a diffrent name it was poison arrow frogs. It was called that because hunters would rub their arrows on the frogs. Thier is over 250 diffrent species of poison dart frog. Poison dart frogs are some of the most interesting animals in the world.

Chapter 6: Interesting facts

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