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This story goes over the natural selection and evolution of the Poison Dart Frog

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Frank The Frog


  Here is Frank the frog. He      

  lives in a rainforest.



Frank is sad because he can't find any mates.


He blends in with the rainforst so he doesn't get eaten,


but so do his friends, and now he can't


find them.



Since there were no more frogs being born because nobody could find each other.


Frank had an idea.


He should become colorful so mates can see him.


Franks friends tried it out too.


It didn't work out because predators spotted them too easily



Frank had an idea!


If him and his friends were poisonous,


They could see each other AND not get eaten!



Frank had kids and his kids were colorful and


poisonous too. They didn't get eaten anymore 


and lived long lives and had more kids.