simplebooklet thumbnail Looking for cheap budget travel deals, cruises, flights booking, travel hacking or free and discounted travel packages in Malaysia? Visit us at

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Looking for cheap budget travel deals, cruises, flights booking, travel hacking or free and discounted
travel packages in Malaysia? Visit us at
Travel Secrets Top Secret Travel Tips
Travel writers encounter the same nuisances that every
other traveler does like language barriers, airline fees, lost
passports and the eternal struggle to have the best possible
trip at an affordable price.
That’s why we asked 35 writers and bloggers to share their
hard-earned travel wisdom from their lives on the road.
Ranging from the practical to the profound, the travel
secrets they reveal offer insights and ideas for every type of
“Trying to get into a sold-out hotel? Find out when
cancellation penalties set in for the date you want to arrive,
then call the property on the morning of that day. You can
scoop up rooms made available by people who’ve just
canceled.” — Wendy Perrin,
“I put almost every dollar I spend on my American Express
Gold card that gets me Membership Reward points even
my mortgage company takes it for monthly house payments!
When you use the points at American Express Travel
(online), they’re good on any airline, hotel or car rental.
Because almost all of my spending goes on that card, I have enough points to travel (nearly) free all year
long. I have another airline credit card (Visa) for those few places that don’t take American Express.”
Trisha Miller, Travel Writers Exchange
How to score a Vegas Hotel Room Upgrade
You have just arrived in Vegas. Now, you are waiting in the check-in line at your hotel and you have got
one thing concerning you. No, it isn’t shows, beer or 21. It is an upgrade. Upgrades are a variable thing in
the hospitality business. We have all heard the stories of somebody slipping the reception desk agent a
$10, $20 or $50 and then getting an upgrade to a fantastic room or suite facing the street / sea / park /
bay or in Las Vegas, in the Strip.
FREE US$1,500 Tag Heuer Watch on a cruise ship! No catch.
When I showed my new $1,500 Tag Heuer Aqua Racer watch to my friends telling them that it had not
cost me a penny, I could see the quizzical look on their faces. In truth I could scarcely believe it myself.
What was interesting was that, apart from my friends even seasoned cruisers we met on board the
cruise ship were clueless as to how it was possible and in unison they chimed “Please share your secret
with us!”
Explore Santorini, Greece on your own
Consider yourself lucky, if Santorini (Thira in Greek) is on your cruise itinerary. It’s a breathtakingly
beautiful, charming, romantic, small island. The operative word is “small,” only 10.5 miles long and 3.5
miles wide. That’s too far to walk, but ideal for car rental because travel distance is short and traffic is
low due to the small population. Renting a car is inexpensive and allows you to spend time as you
choose to explore this beautiful island. Shore excursion options: Cruise ships offer bus tours, which may
be combined with a short boat ride around part of the island to see the magnificent 700 foot high cliffs.
London, New York, Rome. Thinking of making a trip to any of those? What about a cruise? Well,there
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