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Economy and Trade for Kids

Table of Contents

NAFTA pg. 3

Joe Fresh Factories pg.4

Banana plantation pg.5

Fair Trade pg.6

Economy pg. 7


NAFTA stands for North American Free Trade Agreement. NAFTA stated to happen on January 1, 1994 and the paper was singed on December 17,1992 the canadian prim mininster ,Untied States president ,and mexico  president signed it.

On the NAFTA paper it statse

- eliminate barriers to trade between the three countries,such as taxes on goods that cross the border

- make it easier to inviest in each other's countries

-ease rule about travelling from country to country,especially when transporting goods by truck

-protect ,improve ,and enforce basic workers' right, such as employee safety, fair wages,and acceptable working hours


 You might already know adout the joe Fresh factory that durnd down in Bangladesh. If you don't keep reading


On April 24 ,2013 a factory in Bangladesh durnt down and it found trace of  Joe Fresh clothse and becuse Joe Fresh didn't want people to stop buying from him, he highered some to go to the factory that he buys his close from and make sure they are work ing in safe place and gets pay right. He pays this person about $1,100 to ggo to these factorys.

Joe Fresh Factory 

Banana plantation is very important because banana are the second most popular fruit and that not the only important reason why banana plantation is important another reason why banana plantation is important is if the countres we get our bananas from has panma diseas the banana go bad fastter and if it go bad fastter the stores have to abb more chemicals. So it last longer.

Banana plantation panma disease

      Fair Trade is important because it ensures that the workers who made this product are treated in a safe environment and they make the money that all of us make. Fair Trade is important, if we didn't have trade we wouldn't get all the things we have like:




- coffee

Fair Trade

    Economy! What is economy? Economy is the way a conutry or region manages its money and resonurces to produce, buy, and sell goods and services. In Canada it is not always possible to grow goods and that where Economy comes in Canada likes to get thing for lower price so that why they get from other countrys like:

- Bangladest

- China


-and more