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By: Adam Abrahim 8-A

Author of book: Joan M.Wolf

Copyright Date of book: 2007

Teacher: Susan Longo

Project: Holocaust

Milada (Eva) - A young girl who lives in her home country of Czechoslovakia is taken away from her family.

Jaroslav - A fiften-year-old brother to Milada who bothers her a lot.

Babichka - Grandmother of Milada who has a strong relationship with her.

Antonin (Papa) - Father of both Jaroslav and Milada and married to Jana.

Jana (Mama) - Mother of Jaroslav and Milada and married to Antonin.

Franziska - A girl that lived near Milada in Czechoslovakia who are "distant" friends.

Elsbeth - A German foster sister to Eva.

Leisel - A girl who also had been taken to the Aryan school who befriended Eva.

Gerde - One of the attendys of the Aryan school who befriended Franziska.

Herr Wernar (Vater) - Eva's German fostor father who ran the household.

Elsa - A older Polish sister who was in the Aryan school who had lost her younger sister when she was taken to the "special training camp" and was also taken there later on.

Frau Wernar (Mutter) - Eva's German fostor mother who cared for her just like her real mother.

Anechka - Eva's one-year-old sister.

Peter - A German fostor brother to Eva.

Siegrid - A girl from the Aryan school who was also part of the "master" race.


                      Chapter One 

                Characters & Setting From                               "Someone Name Eva" 

The book starts in May 1942 and goes on into June 1942 in Lidice, Czechoslovakia for two chapters and slowly moves on into Puschkau, Poland and the main character stays in Puschkau, Poland for over 3 years in a boarding school for German Girls that are part of the "master" race. In the end of April 1944 the book moves on into Furstenberg, Germany and the main character stays in Furstenberg, Germany for over a year and a half in the house hold of a wealthy German family that lives by a prison camp. After the long year and a half most of Milada's journey was long and scary. After the war in 1945 Milada the main character goes to Prague, Czechoslovakia to live with her mothers cousin in a small home and visit their old home village and see what there was left.

Someone Name Eva


                                       Chapter Two 

                Summary of "Someone named Eva"

A few weeks later after Milada's birthday she and her family were awakened during the night to loud shouting, banging on doors, and dogs barking. Nazi's barged in the house and tell Antonio to tell his family to pack their things and get out of the house because they were being "taken in for interrogation." After they packed they all walked out side together to be guided by Nazi's to stand on either sides of the house in the front. Both Jana and Antonio were pulled away from each other both with tears coming down from them as well as Jaro being pulled with Antonio and Jana being pulled with Milada and Babichka. The women were taken to a high school where other women citizens of Lidice were there. They all were cramped into a gym and waited for what will happen next.

     In May 1942 a young girl named Milada lives in Lidice, Czechoslovakia where she and her family enjoy their lives. Milada lives with her Grandma Babichka, her mother Jana, her father Antonio, her brother Jaro, and her baby sister Anechka. Milada and her family and friends are celebrating her birthday outside where they played games, ate desserts, and celebrated all the way till it was mid-night. During the night Milada and her best friend Terezie sit looking out to the stars and identifiy what they are, one of which was the big dipper.

Eva had to deal with wakeing up and listening to the German national anthem and saluteing to a picture of Hitler on the wall. Not all of this was bad, the breakfast would always be prepared and was fresh and organic, but the only downside was that it was still a school house. After breakfast Eva and the other girls went to class, but as Eva and her classmates learn the German language from their main teacher Fraulein Kruger she managed to find out one of her distant friends Ruzah or Franziska now was there with her. As the days had gone by more students arrived, one of which was two sister named Heidi and Elsa. During one class the children were complaining on how hot the room was and by accident one of the sudents who was Heidi had spoken by accident in Polish which led to the teacher showing her no remorse and was hit with a ruler over countless times. Eva soon befriended a girl the same age as her named Liesel, after Eva and Liesel became friends Heidi was taken to a "special" camp where they said she was going to be taught the "basics."

The German girl school was still going on and winter was coming faster and faster. During one night, Eva and Liesel decided to sneak out of the school and walk around the church grounds while it was snowing. During this time they spoke and made jokes, they even told each other about their families and friends and hoped that they would be safe while this situation was still going on. After they found a spot where they could see beuatiful scenery Eva had told Liesel her true name and so did Liesel. After Liesel told Eva her true name which was Katarzyna they both laughed and shouted their own names at the top of their lungs.

Milada was seperated from her mother, grandmother, and Anechka and was pushed onto a bus with other girls where they were taken to Poland. After ariving to the destination they were taken into a building for where Milada and the other girls waited for the next set of orders given to them. They were taken into a testing room for where doctors with clipboards had taken notes and examined they girls. After so Milada and a few other girls were taken to a compound and were told that they would be living here and learning to become a "proper" German girl. Before they went in they were given new names, names they said that were part of the Aryan race. Milada was reluctant to take her new name in resault getting a beating. Eventually she relized she had to do it after remebering what her father had told her, "do as your told." Milada was no longer known as her true name, she was now Eva.

Today was the final day that Eva and the rest of the girls in her class are taken to the final class which took place at the church. They are all told that they are finally going to be real German citizens where they will be taken into their new German families. Eva was the last one to be in the cot in her friends room, but she was dizzy and confused to what was happening when really she is about to be adopted. When she finally woke up she was in the car seeing Fraulein Kruger waveing away to Eva as she is being driven away with her fostor parents or strangers to her. They soon arrive to the home where she was welcomed to a young child shouting in joy to his father. Eventually Eva was introduced to the whole family. Her mother was Frau Werner, father was Herr Werner,  and she had two new siblings, Elsbeth and Peter.

Eva wakes up to the sound of cheerful playing, Herr Werner and Peter are playing while Elsbeth and Frau Werner are trying to get ready for the day. Eva walks around the large home to see the very new place she will be calling home. She stumbles upon Herr Werner's office and learns that she can not go inside ever after a staff member of the home tells her to be careful next time wandering in. Later through the day Eva was given a letter that was from Franziska who was saying how she had made friends with a boy and good wishes for her and her foster family. The day went by like a normal life in a home.

Many months pass as Eva and all of the girls in her Aryan school are pushed to be learning stronger material of Germany and the history, they take their first trip to be off from all of the hard work they are being put through. They head off to the nearby town called Puschkau, but before they do one of the girls was forced to go to the same "special" camp, that girl was Elsa. After she had departed from the school everyone walked to the bus in silence as Fraulein Kruger tried to cheer everyone up. When the group of girls were going to get sweets from a candy store Eva spots an elderly women that almost looked like her grandmother Babichka. As Eva wanted to say hello the old women shouted at her calling Eva an evil Nazi child and as she got closer she spat on Eva's face.Fraulein Kruger got between them and she beated the old women down with a billy club. After the moment Eva was heart broken and the only thing that helped her was the sweets and her friend Liesel

As another day went by in the home Eva was told to come inside the sewing room where she was shown a bright blue long dress that her mother was holding. She told Eva that she will be taking part in a party for her being part of this family. Moments later after she was shown the dress Eva had forgotten the most important thing to her, her grandmothers name. Hours passed as the afternoon rolled in, both Eva and Elsbeth sat outside eating the frosting and baking mix of the cake being made for the party Eva smells and sees a large fog of smoke in the air. Elsbeth explains to Eva what the smoke and smell was saying that it was a prison camp where the smoke was some of the prisoners that couldn't have room to be properly burried.

The adoption party was a nervous trip for Eva because she never had seen so many strangers inside a home. Elsbeth had introduced her friends to Eva and had talked about how happy they are for Elsbeth. During their conversation an announcment was made for Eva's new mother, Frau Werner was given a metal for how many kids she has had. After the medal honor they all gave a toast to Eva getting adopted to a great family. After the night both Elsbeth and Eva sat outside in the frount smiling and laughing like they always did.

Days went by in the Werner family household, Eva and Elsbeth talk more and become closer to each other. Elsbeth explains to Eva what is happening outside of Germany's borders and whats going on about the war. To keep Eva from feeling more stressed and worried Elsbeth decided to take Eva to where Herr Werner or Vater and Peter shooting range. During the time Eva learned how to use a gun and also heared a women singing in Czech, after coming closer to the sound Eva then discovers Vater's prison camp and after being flustered with all of this she forgets more of her past and forgets how to speak Czech.

After receving such news the family or whats left of the family moved back upstairs to settle back in. The home was left with only minor problems such as broken windows and chandeliers over the floors and some rocks from the outside. Days went by after cleaning and a loud knock on the door and cries from Eva and Elsbeths mother went into the home, people from the International Red Cross came in and told news of Herr Werner and Peter, they also ask if Eva was Milada in result she tells them she is after remembering who she really was. After the moment went by they tell Milada that they found her actual mother and were ready to take Milada to her. After leaving the Werner resident with her old mother crying at the door way and Elsbeth trying to comfert they inform Milada that her brother Jaro, dad and grandmother are all dead and are unable to find her baby sister. This leaves Milada in tears of sorrow, but they turn into tears of joy after she is reunited with her mother.

Soon the war was coming closer to Germany as news of the Americans and Russians starting to press forward onto them. After knowing this tragic news the Werner family started to run low on food and money and they had to let go of all the staff members. Herr and Frau Werner argued about Vater having to go into hiding because Vater was a Nazi commander, this leads to both Vater, the dog, and Peter going into hiding. Due to this Frau Werner, Eva and Elsbeth go into hiding in the home shelter. Eva and Elsbeth convinced their mother to let them go get math books upstairs because they were bored down there, but before they could Russian troops stormed the house trying to find Vater. The next day Elsbeth tells Eva in secret that they have to find a gun to defend themselves from the Russians. As they try to find a gun Elsbeth asked Eva a heartbreaking question that if she was a Jew pretending to be a true German, this lead to Eva striking Elsbeth in the stomach and a fight between them breaks out. During that night Eva had lost her grandmothers pin and wanted to find it, Elsbeth wanted to come and help her due to feeling regret of hurting her only family. So as they try to find the pin they make up and eventually found the pin on the ground. After that long night a week later goes by and Frau tells both of them that the war is over and that Hitler is dead.

After Milada and her mother Jana meet they decided to leave the displaced persons center and move into a small flat in Prague with her mothers cousins. After thinking about her lost family members and her mother trying to care for Milada, Milada shows her mother the pin that her grandmother had given her on her birthday. Both Milada and her mother tried to catch up on things that they saw with their own eyes, moments before and during the war. While they are catching up Milada was informed that her best friend Terezie was killed with her grandmother because she was too young to work and Babichka was too old, they both had fallen in Poland when Eva was in the school. Later around the time of fall both Milada and her mother went to the old home they lived in that was once Lidice now is just ruin, the whole town was razed in fires and explosions. While Milada looks out to the large field over on a hill seeing the horizon she wears the pin and sees the North Star and thinks of memorable words, "I found my way home, Babichka, And i'll remember. Always."

What was the Bangladesh Genocide? 

The Bangladesh genocide was a mass murder of the Bangladesh people. This started when the West Pakistani army wanted to wipe out the Bengali language and eliminate what was seen as "Hindu leaning" culture, in results their were bans on certain words, literature, and music that seemed to be "Hindu leaning." After this the West Pakistan army attacked most of Bangladesh and killed many Bengali citizens. The terrible man that called the order of the mass murder was the president of West Pakistan, president Yahya Khan wanted to stop the Bengal's secession and in result he told his troops that they would have to kill 3 million Bengalis. He called this plan his "Final Solution." Many Bengal's fled to India who opened up for refugee's, more than 10 million fled to India during this time. As West Pakistan wanted to remove them off the Earth they marched on Indian soil destroying and razing villages, this then made India declare war on West Pakistan and India recived help from the Bengal refugee's as a payment for India. After the victory agianst the West Pakistan army many Bengals were scattered and many had lost family members along the way, Bengladesh's government wanted to rebuild and cover up this historical event rather then getting justic and revenge for the country. Due to this West Pakistan did emerge victorious resulting in promotions between generals and commanders, one of them even got promoted to president.

            Chapter 3

       Bangladesh Genocide

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- Bangladesh Genocide Archive. N.p., n.d. Web. 23 Apr. 2017.

-"Complete Time Line." Bangladesh Genocide Archive. N.p., 14 Mar. 2012. Web. 23 Apr. 2017.

The Bangladesh genocide is similar to the Holocaust because two groups of religons were singled out because they were not pleasing to another country. For example Bengali citizens were killed on the spot similler to how some Jews were shot if Nazi's were given the order to kill. Sadly they are also similar due to the count of millions of people being killed. Another way both genocides are similar is to two key words, "Final Solution.' This is because Hitlers commander chain came to the idea of the "Final Solution" for them to mass kill Jewish citizens, same as the president of the West Pakistan army, president Yahya Khan also created a "Final solution." They are both different by casualty costs, Bangladesh only have 3 million total people while the Holocaust had over 12 million total people including soldiers and other victums. The West Pakistan army only did this to stop Bengladesh from removing its self to a more own country and own religon, while the Nazi's did it due to the brainwash of thinking that the Jewish civilization was the cause of a loss in a war. Finally the last thing is that West Pakistan was led by a president that was picked through election and Hitler arose due to propoganda and starting by being a politician and winning the people over to him.

How is this similar and different to the Holocaust?

My opinion for the book called "Someone Named Eva" is a mix of good and bad. I liked the story of Milada and seeing how she delt with the seperation from her and her family and seeing how she grows and becomes stronger moving through the years. I hate though that book was a little boring most parts, mainly the middle section from paragraph 4 to 7, it was the same situation over and over again. My opinion for the movie called "Frontline-Memory of camps" at first I thought it was gonna be something interesting like live documentry of first hand people or visiting sites and seeing remains of structures, but I guess you can say to never judge a movie by its title I guess? The movie was very boring and filled with black and white documentrys of old records, not to mention the old and slow sound of wind in the background. This just brought me bordom and I barely learned anything from this.

              Chapter Four

     My Opinion of the Book and Movie

I recommend that if you were to be interested in reading "Someone Named Eva" then you should be ready for reading a sad and emotional story, but with a little more depression. The book is based on a true story and also helps change the point of view from the Holocaust we see. Not only that, but you should be ready for some chapters to be a drag as some of them may be boring. For the movie, "Frontlines-Memory of the camps" I do not recommend you ever watch this movie because one, this is not even a movie its more of a documentry that uses first hand videos recorded around that time period of the camps. Another thing is that its not even informational, its more like a watch rather then listen which listening and watching would be prefered. The worst part is that the content is disgusting as in some parts there will be dead bodies of Jewish citizens being hauled over into a ditch to be burried, and most of the bodies are still skin, but no fat and almost all bone. The final thing that I have to say is have a trash can ready because when I did try to watch it, I couldnt help but throw up which is shocking because I rarely feel disgusted by such content, but considering its real and going over the Holocaust a lot more I guess it had a stronger affect on me. Worst of all I nearly fell sick the day before Parcc, as i've said before its very boring, no information to be grasped, and the documentry has a weird sound of wind blowing in the background which may cause people to pick up a headache if you do hate listening to a sound like that for an hour.

          Chapter Five



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