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10 Steps for Weight Loss Success With

Garcinia Cambogia Extract 60% HCA

96.3% of our customers lost weight in 2013 with this plan!

  Day 1

Who is ready to fire up the metabolism, unleash the energy, and melt away excess fat fast? Let's do it! To get things started, take the maximum dosage which is three capsules 30 minutes before breakfast and another three capsules 30 minutes before dinner. That will give you 3,000 mg per day. You can reduce this to one or two capsules per serving, but your results will take more time.

Why This Works: Most people who have struggled with weight most of their lives need a “kick start” and this will provide just that.
Own It! 
We want you to be in control of your body and your health. Before taking your Garcinia Cambogia, tell that excess body fat, "I'm aHealthy Bastard and you're out of here!"  Once you start taking those pills and following Jake's plan--it will be. 

Kick Start Your Weight Loss! 

  Day 2

You have to!  There is no way around it. 
If you don’t exercise this is not going to work. You simply have to get your body moving and toning those muscles. 

Seven Minute Workout
Can you dedicate seven minutes every day to improve your health? YES! You did say YES didn't you? There is a great free app called The Seven Minute Workout for IPhone and Android. No expensive equipment or a gym membership needed. You just need your body and a chair. 
Sarah loves this workout because she travels a lot and hates the gym. No, I mean she really hates the gym! This app is like having a personal trainer. First you learn by video how to do 12 exercises, then you do each for 30 seconds with rest periods. If your level right now is two push ups, do two- don't get discouraged. Tell yourself, hey, two is better than none, and one day soon I'll be doing 20 effortlessly! Keep at it every day and you will make progress I promise.

Why This Works: Anyone who tells you weight loss is possible without exercising is probably trying to sell you an unhealthy diet system. You have to get moving to improve your health, there is no way around it.

Move it! 

Kick Start Your Weight Loss!