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Zach's Minecraft Adventures!

We all fall down...

Herobrine stepped out of the portal with the Wither following him.

“What a nice destroy!!!!”, the Wither shot fireballs everywhere causing the game to lag.

“Wh--aa--tt--iiss--hh--aa--pp--iinning!?”,TNTuser asked, lagging.

Herobrine smiled.

“It’s the beginning of the end, MWA-HAHAHA!”.


A teamate Reunion

Zach walked upon a place with a sign that said:




“This is where your friends are?”, said Racker.

“More of them”, Zach said.

In the ‘town circle’ were 5 players.There was RED_panda,RED_panda sister,sonic123speed,QueenCadence,and for some reason Maxdoig.

“Hey Zach, I was asking these guys if they’d join us, they said yas!!!!!”, Max was super excited.

“Where have you been?”, RED_panda asked.

“Yeah!”, his sister agreed.

“Long time, no see”, sonic123speed said.

“Hey Teen and ---Alonso!?”, QueenCadence was surprised.

“Everybody has to have second chances”, Zach said.

“Hi.”, Alonso shyly said.

“I see you have a pack of wolves and--”, sonic started.

“CREEPY!” Queen said as she hugged the pet creeper, “How’ve you been?”

“SSSS!!!:-6* (*Translation: AAAGGHHHH!!! Let go!)”, the creeper said, fleeing from Queen.

“Sorry”, Queen said, scratching the back of her head.

“So, we are here to make the ultimate team to defeat Herobrine and TNTuser”,Zach said.

“I thought that gamer was toast after we pushed him in that piston trap!”, a player came from the shadow. It was Zach’s playmate, dudeldoom.

“Great, we have more players, now let’s kick some blocky butt!”, Zach shouted.

Corgis and Grinders???

Zach had bones. He sneaked through the plains.Cow,Sheep,Pig,Zombie,Creeper,then Racker stood in the way.

“What are we doing?”, she asked.

Alonso sighed.”Yeah Zach, what are we doin’?”, Alonso asked.

“Increasing army”, ZachMouseOffical only said.

“You mean finding a mate for Dinnerbone?”, Teen asked, killing a sheep.

“Yeah, that’s what I mean”, Zach said, then shouted, “WOLF! PACK! EVERYONE! USE! BONES!”.So everyone used bones on all the wolves.One sat next to Dinnerbone.

“Awww, that’s soooo cute!”, Racker said.

“The other wolf is a female, so I’ll name her...Sparkles!”,Zach said.

Zach tossed Rotten flesh from the zombie he killed earlier.Hug,hop,Pop! 3 baby wolves appeared from out of nowhere.

“Okay, our armies is complete”,Zach said.

Suddenly, the little villager was pulling Zach’s arm.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get Funtimefoxy to watch you”,Zach patted the villager girl.

“Did anyone say my name?”, Funtimefoxy asked, walking with cats.She had a lead with Creepy.

“Watch this villager girl please”,Alonso said.

“NO PROBLEMO!”, Funtimefoxy said. She led the girl back to the house.

TeenAnoymous stood in front of Zach and said, “I know we have more animal warriors but what about players?”.

Zach smirked. “I thought you’d never ask”.

Pockets full of posies

Herobrine smirked as he gazed upon the stronghold.

TNTuser next to him said,”When do I get my diamonds and TNT fill?”.

Herobrine sighed. “After you ‘help’ me destroy Minecraft.”.

“And… when is that?”, TNTuser piped up.

Herobrine gave him a punch. “Soon my pupil, soon.”.

Herobrine got obsidian and lighted it. The Nether portal. He pulled TNTuser in.

The Nether was a bit more peaceful since Zach destroyed King Creeper. “AGGHHH!”, Herobrine pouted,” Where’s the ghasts? The Magma Cubes? The blazes?”. He stomped his foot. Then something caught his eye.

“The Wither… well part of it”, said TNTuser. Herobrine pushed him. Herobrine gave him a wither skeleton skull. TNTuser put it on and---


Herobrine slapped himself.

Not what I was expecting...thought Herobrine. He came closer.

“Oh mighty With--” Herobrine started.

“Just give me a cookie, I don’t need that ‘auuuh miiiggghhhtttyyy wwiiitthhhereeerr’ stuff”, the Wither said.

TNTuser tossed him a cookie.

The Wither wolfed it down.

Herobrine said,”Okay Wither, let’s make a deal....”.

“Herobrine, if you give me my diamonds, I let you do the deal”, TNTuser said.

“SHUT UP YOU NITWIT!”,Herobrine felt annoyed. TNTuser silenced.

“Ugh…”,Herobrine sighed, “If you help me destroy Minecraft, let’s say it involves more...cookies”,Herobrine’s voice was sly.

Home Brine Home

The sun was glimmering on the ocean monument. ZachMouseOffical rowed the boat. The passengers were Racker, TeenAnoymous, Alonso, and Maxdoig, Zach’s duplicate.Zach looked at them.

“It’s sad that I’m rowing all by myself”, said Zach.

“Sorry”, said Maxdoig.

“Besides Maxdoig”, Zach pointed out.

Racker Stood up. “You crafted it Zach” , she said.

“Point made”, said Alonso.

Teen looked at Alonso. “Why did you bring Alonso Zach?”, said TeenAnoymous.

“He needs second chances”, Zach looked back at Alonso and smiled.

“But why trust him when he griefed us in the Frontier server?”, Teen whined.

Zach rolled his eyes. “I said he needed second chances”.

They ported at a small village.The sun rised.

Zach departed from the boat. “Home”, he said. He rushed to the large house. A creeper and wolf came out.

“Creepy! (The pet creeper) Dinnerbone!(The upside-down wolf)”, Zach was surprised. Then he looked around. It was griefed. Then, Racker,Teen,Alonso and Maxdoig approached Zach. They brought a villager, sobbing at her knees. It was a child.

She sobbed, “Herobrine came, he killed my family.I’m survived!” and she kept bawling. Racker patted her.

“So, now what?”, Maxdoig asked.

Zach said in a fierce voice, “We track down Herobrine.”.

ZachMouseOffical and Friends: Beggining of the end