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  • High school is when young teens form bonds such as friendships and relationships 
  • Independence from parents (interaction becomes very limited)
  • Teens are finding themselves
  • Also looking to establish identity 
  • Keep information to themselves 

Physiological Developments:

  • Gain weight/muscle mass
  • Develop acne, body hair, hormonal changes, need of more sleep
  • Become more shy and sensitive 

Intellectual Developments HS Students have

  • Engaging in strong, intense interests 
  • Preferring interactions with their peers 
  • Preferring active to passive learning 
  • Balancing school, extracurriculars, and hanging out with friends
  • Teachers and students not understanding each other
  • Pressure from peers, media, and parents 

How is the workload taking a toll on your everyday activities?

"Schoolwork takes a huge amount of time, being involved in student government cheer, and having accelerated/AP classes is not the easiest thing. I have to find time to balance everything meanwhile having to keep up at home, have friendships, and spend time with family. It is definitely hard, but in the end it will be worth it to get into a university."

Student Interests:

  • Action, comedy, and horror movies 
  • Netflix series (depends on what one likes)
  • Rap, Teen pop, Electric dance 

Social Developments: 

  • Joining, wanting to be a part of, or being excluded from cliques
  • Will use their peers as an outlet for self-exploration
  • Start realizing that old, and new friends have an influence on their behavior and personality
  • Trying to gain a social understanding of who they are
  • Opinions of other peers begin to take main focus of how they view themselves 
  • Looking for others to relate and rely on
  • Starts work at 7 A.M
  • “Stay after school depending on the amount of workload I have to do, or if I didn't get enough done during prep” 
  • During the lunch hour, depending on the teacher one will be able to decide if they would like to give up their time to tutor/help students

Subject: Spanish; for all grade levels 9-12


  • The student demographics of La Jolla High School are made up of 54% white, 31% Hispanic, with four other races following below 5%
  • 51% Female 49% Male
  • 26% of students have free or reduced lunch
  • 75% of the average students parents have a college degree


“Depending on the lesson plan is what I teach for the day, however a pacing guide is provided for each unit”


“Most important is to have structure in the lesson plans and consistency to be able to control the discipline in the classroom”

La Jolla High School