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Hello Waterlefe,

It was my privilege and pleasure to represent Waterlefe along with Steve Dietz, Bob Davis and Bob Griswold at the Annual CMAA Charity Golf Tournament last month.  The Club Management Association of America (CMAA) is the professional Association for managers of membership clubs. CMAA has close to 6,800 members across all classifications and those manager members operate more than 2,500 country, golf, athletic, city, faculty, military, town, and yacht clubs across the country.  Each year, our local region hosts a charity golf tournament to benefit All Children’s Hospital and Backpacks for Kids. Steve and I are members and our teams benefit from professional training, peer-to-peer networking and a wealth of industry resources.   

Whenever I have the opportunity to visit another community, I cannot help but compare it to ours.  From the boulevard signage to the clubhouse windows, my eyes inevitably travel to those telltale signs of excellence. There are many beautiful and well-managed clubs in our area, and in my humble opinion Waterlefe, this community shines the brightest.  Why?  You!   Each year our homeowner volunteers dream big while attending to the smallest details of managing our common areas and amenities.  Countless hours have been given in service to our shared vision:

We will make Waterlefe Golf & River Club the premier golfing and boating community in Florida’s central gulf coast by promoting our lifestyle as the ideal community for any family and continually seeking ways to grow homeowner satisfaction.

One of the ways we can grow homeowner satisfaction is to listen to you.  A few months ago, we introduced a new concept, Listening Sessions.   An informal, subject-driven gathering to provide an opportunity for homeowners to share their thoughts directly with management.  You talk, we listen.  Simple.   Our inaugural session involves the Villas’ landscape maintenance program and we are making great strides towards a better understanding of what our Villas’ residents want for managed landscaping services.  Our sessions continue.  

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We listened in 2017 via our Community Survey  and many of our current initiatives are ripped right from those pages.

Let’s take A Walk Through the Docs and pick a timely and topical subject to highlight:

River Club Minimum Spending Policy 18-18

Your River Club has a $500 food and beverage minimum to be satisfied each calendar year by each household.   Unlike many communities, we allow wine and spirits (beverage) purchased in the dining room and food take-out orders to count towards your minimum.  This is not typical, but is consistent with our Master Association’s commitment to homeowner satisfaction. If for any reason you choose not to take advantage of this opportunity to offset $500 of the MPOA fees, you will be billed the unused portion in the 1st quarter of the following year, plus applicable tax.  In November, you will notice reminders on all River Club communications reminding folks that the end of the year and minimum cycle is near.  We offer many specials for dine-in and take-out to help you satisfy your minimum.  A menu of last-minute catering and gift baskets will hit your inboxes very soon.   We hope you take us up on it.

Stay tuned for another Walk Through The Docs next month!

At your service,

Jen Milne, MPOA General Manager

Jen Milne

General Manager

COO, Waterlefe MPOA 

PH: 941-747-6898

Halloween in the Bistro was great fun this year! Included in the group of ghouls, were a creepy and a kooky family and a couple of swashbucklers from the high seas.  Of course, our staff was excited to join in the fun as well. If you missed it, you missed a scary good time!

November is upon us and there are many new and exciting things happening.  Chef Kory is ready to unveil his menu and it is sure to please all palates. Don’t forget to try our newly added ‘Prix Fixe’ menu option.  Our new wine list has been reimagined from the house label, to our tap selections and new offerings by the bottle and glass.

A Scary Good Time

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Frank & Giselle Sweeney, Eddie & Pam Beauchamp, Cathleen & Jeff Reneer

A Message from River Club Manager, Dan Adkins

Jack & Janice Ritchie, Barbara Gleason

Glen & Vicki Joshpe

Highlights October 23, 2019 MPOA Board Meeting by Jack Ritchie

Emergency Communication System

As you may know, a fatality occurred the morning of Oct. 23 at approximately 2:30 am outside of the main gate of the community. Law enforcement closed access to our main gate, and limited access to our back gate. Upper Manatee River Road was closed and detours were created. As a result of this situation, the Board tasked staff with developing an emergency communication plan and list of alternative routes, should we face a similar situation in the future.

Report of September’s Finances

After a fast start in 2019, we are now feeling the impact of several factors. 

  • Closing the River Club dining facilities during this summer’s renovations had an even greater  impact on food and beverage revenue than we had anticipated. 
  • There were more expenses incurred than planned to repair or replace certain assets in the River Club, pool, fitness center, etc.
  • Lastly, the River Club management, kitchen and wait staff are acknowledging that more ‘snowbirds’ are delaying their return to Waterlefe this fall which impacts the sheer volume of bar patrons and number of meals served.

As a result, the financial numbers tell our YTD budget story. While we have generated 1.9% more revenue than budgeted for (approx. $38,200), our expenses are 3.0% more than budgeted (approx. $61,500). This late in the fiscal year, it is therefore likely that we will end with a budget deficit for the first time in many years. Don’t worry, our ‘cash’ balance is forecast to be well over $100,000 and the 2020 budget will address these shortfalls.

Note: Through diligence, the Property Management office continues to keep aged owner balances at a minimum. Currently, about $20,000 is classified as outstanding debt, but approx. $18,500 of it is from one property that is ‘in bankruptcy’ (and about to be settled).

MPOA Board Seats Open 

The Watelefe Master Property Owners’ Association (MPOA) has three of its five Board Member positions open for re-election (Jodi Carroll, Dyana Young and Chuck Gregory) in January 2020.  The position carries a two-year term.  MPOA Meetings occur on the 4th Wednesday of each month at 2:00 p.m.   More information about the process will be available in November, however, if you have questions about Board responsibilities, please see General Manager, Jen Milne.

MPOA Board

Report by our C.A.M. (Community Association Manager)

We all chose to live in a deed-restricted community for a reason.  You made the right choice by moving into Waterlefe! However, periodically, some residents need to be reminded that our ultimate goal is maintaining beauty through compliance, not through punitive measures. 

Each month, these procedures apply to applications to the DRB (Design Review Board) for changes to your house or property, to multi-step notifications for violations, and then hearings between the Property Management and any violators. The magnitude of this assignment might be bigger than you think. As of this moment, there are a total of (91) property owners who have been contacted because they have minor or serious violations. 

Currently, CAM reported that they have (36) work orders to address; (9) regarding villa landscape, (5) regarding villa irrigation, and (22) regarding miscellaneous maintenance. Note: Condo reports are handled under a separate association.

Upcoming Meetings

November MPOA Board Meeting      Wednesday November 20th at 2:00 pm        River Club

Approved September MPOA Board minutes

2020 Budget 

The MPOA Board, Finance Committee and staff continue to work through the annual budget process.  As a result of the budget surplus from the River Club in 2018, the Board was able to cover the cost of staff increases, cost of goods increases and the annual 5% increase from Spectrum and forego an increase assessment to homeowners in 2019. 

However, the 2019 financial picture is different.  With the August closure of the River Club to accommodate the lobby construction, revenues will not end the year with a surplus.  On the expenditure side, the 5% increase for Spectrum, increased staffing expenses, and the need to increase reserves for potential upcoming canal and boatlift dredging will result in an increase to the 2020 assessment.

How To Obtain Membership Card

Up to two cards will be provided per household and they are now available at the River Club.  The cards may be picked up from the office (M-F/9-5) or upon your arrival for dinner, just let the staff know and they will have them ready for you.

Annual Minimum Reminder 

The 2019 Annual River Club Minimum Cycle ends December 31, 2019. The annual minimum to spend at the River Club for every household in Waterlefe is $500.

Homeowners have until December 31, 2019 to fulfill any unsatisfied minimums. All food and beverage purchases made at the River Club - including dining room, bistro, Tiki bar, take-out, catering and special/private events - will apply towards the minimum.   This year, we have added beautiful packaged steaks and gift baskets to our last minute catering menu.  

Your balance towards the minimum appears on your statement (now found on the website) or you may contact Bob Davis at 941-747-6898 with any questions.

Membership Cards are Here!

As promised, your new Waterlefe Membership Cards are ready and waiting for you at River Club. Homeowners are asked to have their membership cards with them while enjoying the River Club amenities and present the card when settling your River Club dining or bar bill.

Get the App!

Prefer not to carry a membership card? Get the App. The App includes your membership card barcode. Simply go to Google Play Store or Apple App Store and search for “River Club at Waterlefe”

Using your log-in and password from the website

Your member card is found by tapping on the top left menu icon and choosing ‘Member Card’

As always, if you require any assistance at all, feel free to stop by the office and we will gladly walk you through the process. Thank you for helping us continue to prioritize homeowner enjoyment of our beloved River Club

Business & Membership News

Join the Crowd...Get a Waterlefe Nametag!  

Get in on the Waterlefe nametag trend! Order your very own Waterlefe nametag to wear to River Club events, Golf outings, Watering Hole, Hangar Talk, Card clubs, Committee meetings, etc. They are hard plastic and measure approximately 1.5” x 3”. A sample nametag is shown below:

How to order: Submit email to the Bert Groves, at  or call 941-744-9881 option 3. Clearly list preferred name for tag (e.g., Robert Doe, Bob Doe). 

Cost is $14/nametag with a magnetic backing OR pin-style backing. If you cannot wear magnets (pacemaker, etc.), please include note with your order that you require the pin-style backing. If not noted, the default order will be the magnetic backing.  List Waterlefe Member Number to ensure the proper account is charged.  

Orders are submitted to our vendor every 2 weeks, and typically take 2 weeks to complete and return to River Club for pickup. You will be notified when your nametag is ready for pickup.

Year-End Holiday Fund Contribution for MPOA and CDD Staff

As we approach the holiday season, it is a great time to say thank you to the more than 75 full-time and part-time employees at Waterlefe by contributing to the Year-End Employee Holiday Fund. Your contribution provides an extra thank you to those who provide exemplary service to us all year long.

All of the employees share in the fund, including those you see every day as well as the administrative, maintenance, gatehouse, and service staff who work behind the scenes. As an example, a $75 contribution equates to just under $1 per employee.

This program is voluntary and requires return of the Year-End Holiday Contribution Form

If you would like to contribute, please return the completed form to the Property Management office:

  • By US mail or in person at 995 Fish Hook Cove, Bradenton, FL 34212 
  • Via email with the amount you would like to contribute by Friday, November 22, 2019.

Upon receipt of the form, your River Club account will be billed the amount of your choice.

We thank you in advance for your generosity in support of our incredible team of hard working Waterlefe employees.

Business & Membership News Continued

Villas ‘Listening Sessions’

Recently the MPOA was approached by several homeowners in the Villas to determine whether they could opt out of the landscape maintenance contract negotiated for all villa homes as a result of their displeasure with the service from the current contractor and their desire to have more personalized service standards. 

The quality and level of service provided by the contractor to the villa homeowner is complex (aging landscape, aging and antiquated irrigation systems and timers) and many requests from individual homeowners for specific service to their home not covered in the bulk contract. 

To determine the level of interest of whether villa owners preferred to contract their own lawn, pest and irrigation maintenance or keep the system as is with a negotiated bulk contract for all villa owners, the MPOA has started ‘listening sessions’. 

This is an informal gathering of villa homeowners to discuss the pros and cons of the current system and changing to individual homeowner contracted system. 

There are currently 24 months remaining on the existing villas landscape maintenance contract with Brightview. Staff and the Property Management Committee continue to meet regarding resetting goals, assigning responsibilities, and establishing performance standards. 

If you would like to share your thoughts, please email by November 15, 2019.

Around The Neighborhood

Deed Restriction Highlight - Rules of Landscaping

Did you know that Waterlefe Golf and River Club has specific rules for landscaping?  Specifically, there are approved types of grass, mulching requirements and specifications for landscaping around backflow pipes in your yard.  Guidelines for Residential Change

  • APPROVED TYPES OF GRASS - If you are replacing small sections of your current lawn, you must use St. Augustine to blend with your current grass. Two types of St. Augustine grass approved for use include:
    • Floratam St. Augustine grass (which was originally used by community developer, WCI and released in 1959).
    • Captiva St. Augustine grass (which is chinch bug resistant, requires less mowing and released in 2008).
  • FOR LARGER GRASS AREAS - Empire Zoysia grass may be approved. This grass feels softer, is more drought, chemical and chinch bug resistant but it can go dormant and turn brown due to drought conditions. It will green up when rain returns.
    AREAS TO BE MULCHED - All areas not sodded, paved or left in their natural state shall be covered with mulch to help keep out weeds and improve appearance.
  • HIDE BACKFLOW PIPES - All of us have backflow pipes in our yards, and choose to use natural shrubs and landscaping to soften the look. Homeowners must allow a minimum three feet clearance around the pipes to enable inspections. Do not use imitation nor real rocks or stone to hide the pipes.

If you are making landscape changes, please complete an APPLICATION FOR RESIDENTIAL CHANGE and contact Property Management to discuss. This includes adding shrubs around backflow pipes. Contact Property Management at 941-747-6898 or email Rita Cohen, Community Association Manager at


Around The Neighborhood

Take your dog droppings with you – Some residents are scooping but then leaving the plastic bags along the common sidewalk or fence areas along Waterlefe Boulevard to perhaps pick up on their way back home. This is not a sight our walkers, joggers and others wish to see as they travel down this beautifully-landscaped street. Please carry your dog’s waste with you until you reach home; do not leave bags for others to pick up or for your later pickup.

Paw Patrol

Waterlefe has almost as many four-legged friends as it does residents! To help maintain the beauty of the community, please do your part:

The Pointe is often used as a Dog Park – Residents commonly bring their pups to run free in this area. This area is also used by our children/grandchildren, kayakers, and residents. Florida has a leash law requiring all dogs remain on a leash at all times. Dogs are not allowed within the fenced children’s area. Please abide by this leash law, and be sure to “scoop the poop” after your dog!
River Club Fitness Center-Help Requested

Waterlefe is an active community.  People are out golfing, swimming, walking, running, and biking on a regular basis. Residents take fitness classes and train in the Fitness Center.  When working out in the Fitness Center, are you doing your part to keep the equipment clean and to help accommodate the many people wanting to exercise?  The Fitness Center is especially busy this time of year. Following these common courtesy guidelines will help ensure that everyone has an enjoyable workout experience:

Please do not sit on benches/equipment while using your phones.  Step away to check voice mail, emails, etc. so others are able to use the equipment.

-When doing floor exercises, please do not obstruct access to equipment or the free weights.

-Consider limiting your time on treadmills, exercise bikes and elliptical machines if they are all in use at the same time.

-Please wipe down all equipment when you’ve finished using it.

And remember, no one under the age of 16 is allowed in the Fitness Center without adult supervision. Keep this in mind when the holiday breaks begin and more students are out of school.

Thank You for helping to keep Waterlefe active!

New Phone Number for Take-Out Orders

Please make note of our dedicated phone line for take out orders. Be sure to add this number to your contact list: River Club take- out order phone number:  (941) 253-LEFE (5333). Your River Club offers Take-Out Service, during regular dining hours and on most special event nights.

RC Schedule of Events

The Holiday Season is fast approaching. We are looking forward to seeing the River Club filled with people for the many events we have scheduled over the next few months. Reminder: In-season hours of operation (October 2019 – April 2020) are as follows:

In-Season Hours of operation (October 2019 – April 2020) 

Dinner (Dine-in and Take-Out)

Tuesday – *Saturday special event nights (as posted)

4PM – 9PM



10AM – 1PM

Tiki Bar  when it rains, we pour upstairs

Saturday & Sunday

Noon – 5PM

River Club Office

Monday – Friday

9AM – 5PM

New Menu Pricing for Homeowners, Social Members and Guests

  • Homeowners will receive a discount of 15% off all published menu prices.
  • Social members will receive a 5% discount
  • All others will pay the published menu pricing

NEW! Homeowner Happy Hour (HHH)

Make a point get to the River Club for Homeowner Happy Hour. HHH occurs Tuesdays through Saturday from 4pm – 6pm.  Homeowner Happy Hour is a benefit for homeowners and social members only!   All other guests are welcome to visit the River Club and pay published prices.

See You At The Club!

  • Annual Waterlefe Art Show & Sale – Saturday, November 9th
  • Stanley Cup Photo Opportunity – Sunday, November 10th
  • Trivia Challenge Night – Thursday, November 14th
  • Werner Appreciation Dinner – Saturday, November 23rd
  • Thanksgiving Grand Buffet – Thursday, November 28th 
  • Girls Night Out – holiday centerpieces – Thursday, December 5th
  • Seafood Extravaganza – Saturday, December 7th
  • Caroling Brunch – Braden River Choir – Sunday, December 15th
  • Breakfast with Santa – puppet show by Puppet World – Saturday, December 21st
  • Cart Parade & Party – DJ Jesse Bryant – Saturday, December 21st
  • Caroling Brunch –Lakewood Ranch’s Mustang Capella Singers – Sunday, December 22nd
  • New Year’s Eve Party –Soul R Coaster Band – Tuesday, December 31st
Call 941-744-9881 x1 or email for reservations. Homeowner member reservations will open at 8am, One month prior to the event date.  Special events continue to be extremely popular, so set your reminders to make your reservations right at 8am.  

Upcoming Activities and Events

Your Activities Committee has been working hard to plan fun and interesting events for this season. (Special Event reservations open at 8AM one month prior to event (see event flyers for specific opening dates). The following special events are scheduled in November and December:

Activities Committee by Nancy Cole, Committee Member

November is full of events, so mark your calendars as the ‘Season’ begins at your River Club.

  • NOVEMBER 9 is the annual Waterlefe Art Show Sale & Dinner. See the handiwork of our resident artists and buy some beautiful and unique holiday gifts. You will be able to choose from paintings, jewelry, framed wildlife photographs, books and lots more!
  • NOVEMBER 10 The Stanley Cup will be on display at the River Club from 4 -6 PM. This event is by RESERVATION and only for Waterlefe Homeowners.
  • NOVEMBER 14 is Trivia Night from 5:30 - 9:00 PM. This is always a popular event so make your plans and reservations soon.
  • NOVEMBER 28 is our Thanksgiving Grand Buffet at the River Club featuring traditional and nontraditional sumptuous fare. Our talented chefs make certain that you'll be as stuffed as the Turkey!

New Bingo Format

BINGO at Waterlefe is very popular and we are happy to continue the tradition.   Due to legal reasons, BINGO will now be hosted by the Activities Committee with a few changes to bring us into compliance. Please click the link below to read the statutes we need to follow.   Florida State Statute 849.0931 Bingo authorized; conditions for conduct; permitted uses of proceeds; limitations 

Bingo is considered gambling (which is illegal) in Florida. However, the law does allow for homeowners’ associations to conduct bingo games with certain restrictions. Specifically, the law says we can only have three jackpots and no jackpot can exceed $250. Other games cannot exceed $50.

Bingo will be back beginning on January 18, 2020 with some new rules. There are four Bingo nights this year all on Saturdays:  1/18, 2/22, 3/21 & 4/18.

Volunteers Needed for New Bingo 

The Activities Committee is looking for volunteers to help run the monthly BINGO events.  Please note: If you volunteer for the BINGO committee you may not play BINGO at the River Club as this creates a conflict of interest. If you are interested in volunteering to help with BINGO, contact Jen Milne at or Dik Hall at

Activities Committee needs Members

If BINGO is not your idea of a great volunteer opportunity then join the Activities Committee where you can help create events for our community. It's another way to make new friends while having fun. We meet monthly and our meetings are short and to the point. Community members are welcome to come and observe to help decide if they would like to be a part planning events for everyone to enjoy. Our next meeting will be Thursday, November 14th at 10 AM.  We are enjoying seeing more familiar faces returning with more to soon return, and we will see you at the club.

Committees & Clubs

Amenities Committee by Janice Ritchie, Chair

Our new membership cards are ready for distribution. Homeowners can pick up their cards from Bert Groves or Dan Adkins or they may request them while dining. Your phones can also have the card displayed with the Waterlefe App. It is that easy!  

The Strategic Planning Committee sets out a 3-5 year plan of improvements and projects to be determined. Our committee voted unanimously, to prioritize the Dining Room for 2020 and push the pool back to 2021. While the dining room was painted this summer, that was only Phase One and we will have other upgrades to make it consistent with our Lobby.

The Activities and Amenities Committees decided to hold a “Committee Fair” event on February 20, 2020. The event will be held from 5-7 pm with wine and cheese, to accommodate younger residents who are still working, but who have expressed a desire to participate on a committee. The chairs of each of our committees will be at this event to explain what each committee does.  We hope to bring in new residents to serve on each of our committees to bring new ideas and a fresh look at what each committee does.

The 3-tier pricing went into effect on November 1st along with a new menu. Remember, the menu reflects prices for non-residents and the members discount will apply with the 15% homeowner member discount and 5% social member discount at point of sale. 

A note from the Design Review Board (DRB) by Michaela Valletta, Chair

Whenever a resident makes any change to the exterior of their property, no matter how small, an Application for Residential Change is required.  The Application for Residential Change may be found on  or at the Property Management office.  Here is some helpful information which is also printed directly on the Application for Residential Change.  

If your requested change involves structural changes of any kind, a site plan and plat map must be submitted with your Application for Change

If your requested change involves landscaping changes of any kind, a landscape plan/drawing with a list of plant materials must be submitted with this application.

Be advised that your request is subject to both CDD and County Utility Easements.  If your requested change is located in/or around an easement, it is your responsibility to obtain the proper permitting in the event of potential encroachment.  Please contact the Property Management at 941-747-6898 or for guidance. 

Should an application require a review, the DRB has 30 days to review the application or at our next scheduled meeting.   An Application approval letter from the Property Management office is required prior to ANY residential change.  

Approval is valid for 60 days. If you need an extension for your application, call Property Management at 941-747-6898. Most importantly, all residents must let Property Management know when their project is completed.  

As always, Property Management can answer any questions you may have, and the DRB is here to assist in any way we can.  Let’s continue to keep Waterlefe beautiful.

Click Download Button for Residential Change Form

Florida Clean Boater/Marina Programs – By Dave Rogers 

The Waterlefe Marina is in the process of becoming a designated Clean Marina by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. Becoming a Clean Marina starts with all boaters becoming a Clean Boater. To become a Clean Boater, develop clean boating habits, prevent spillage when fueling, use biodegradable cleaning products, and recycle trash. To learn how your boating habits impact our waterways, take the Clean Boating Course at . Doing your part, as a clean boater will help keep Florida’s waterways clean, further protect the environment, and preserve the marine life and fisheries we enjoy. 
Clean Boating Logo


Marina Club by Dave Rogers, Chair

The Waterlefe Marina Club would like to welcome aboard our newest members, Mark and Deeda Delillo to slip #5.

Boat Maintenance Tips - Here are some tips to consider for seasonal boaters returning this fall:

1. Ensure the drain plug is installed.

The summer heat in Florida will cause evaporation of fluids and extreme humidity will accelerate corrosion. 

2. Check the battery electrolyte level. The summer heat will evaporate your battery electrolyte.

3. Check battery connections for corrosion.

4. Check oil level and consider having it changed.

5. Check fuel and fuel water separator filters. Replace as needed. Moisture in your fuel system can cause motor starting and running problems.

6. Check that bilge pumps are operational. Electrical connections can corrode, seals can become dry and fail. 

7. For outboard motors, prime your motor with a water flush before its first start. This will help lubricate the water pump impeller against premature wear.

8. At first engine start, make sure water flows out of the outboard outlets indicating proper water pump operation. 

9. Make sure your vessel registration and insurance are up to date and on file with property management. Contact Jackie Hannan ( in Property Management with any questions.

10. Check that all safety gear onboard is in good condition. Life jackets can dry out and become ineffective when needed. Replace them when in doubt.

For additional boat maintenance tips and a pre-launch checklist, review this article from Boat US.

Purls and Chains

Waterlefe has a knitting/crochet circle that meets every month at the River Club.

Some of us are crocheting/ knitting for charity and others are working on fun projects. Please join us – Beginners Welcome!

Email Lisa Hantverk at or Sandy Costello at, for more info.

Raffle and Dinner

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Art Show 10 am to 4 pm

Raffle 10 am to 7 pm 

Dinner 6:30 pm

The Art Show Dinner is almost full. If you plan on going, please make your reservation today. 

Several new residents have joined the Waterlefe Artists’ Guild and for the first time will participate in the Art Show & Sale, adding to the diversity of talent on display. Also new this year, a Gyotaku Fish Printing Artist will exhibit and explain this ancient Japanese art form. 

We are proud to announce that a (resident) student of Haile Middle School, who has directly benefited from the Annual WAG Raffle and Donation, will participate.

So, come to the Art Show to support your talented neighbors and to vie for the extraordinary Raffle Items. Together, we can keep the arts alive!

Below is a sampling of Raffle Items.

For a complete list and description, please click link below 

Help us increase our donation to the Freedom Elementary and Haile Middle Schools’ Visual Arts Programs. We can’t do it without you. After all, the Waterlefe Community’s support of the Raffle Makes the Difference.                


Who is on the Wall?  By Patsy Hall

For November: BONNIE SCHAR

“Artists create in different ways and in a constant exploration of mediums, techniques, and visual ideas.  Whether for a 30’ mural or a 10-inch portrait, for me the search has always been about solving a problem or answering a question.

There are always more than enough of both.  The majority of work in this show has been painted primarily with ink.”

How to Meet People in Waterlefe by Barb Lee, Welcome Committee Chair

One of the first questions a new resident asks of the Welcome Committee is how to meet people and become involved in the community.  Some residents are seasonal; some are full-time; and others are occasional residents. Even people living here for a few years are seeking ways to meet neighbors and other residents.  There are numerous ways to meet people. The easiest way is to go up to the River Club and stop in the Bistro for a drink.  Typically, there are people in the lounge for Happy Hour or a light supper.  We tell residents that if sitting in the Bistro area, these people are “fair game” to stop and introduce yourself.  Long-time residents may notice a new resident and reach out to them; however, don’t wait for others to engage you first. A quick “hello” and brief introduction may lead to a great conversation. Share a bit about yourself: What Waterlefe street you live on; what city/state/country you’ve relocated from; are you part-time, full-time, etc. and then let the conversation play out.  Some may have a few moments to talk, while others will spend a good amount of time visiting with you.

Another way to meet people is through activities. If you are a golfer – sign up to golf and ask to be paired with another person/couple. If you exercise, join in one of the offered classes (Yoga, Zumba, TRX, etc.). If you want to attend a Club event (Bingo, Trivia, Dinners, etc.), ask the River Club management to seat you with other people. There are also numerous organizations and groups to get involved in: MPOA committees, book clubs, car club, aviation club, artists’ guild, boating club, Women’s Lunch Group, etc. 

One new couple living in a condo held a cocktail party for their surrounding neighbors to get acquainted. Other streets host annual block parties for their residents to attend. And if you’re a pet owner, introduce yourself (and your pup) to other dog owners out walking their pets.  Waterlefe is a very welcoming community – let us help you quickly feel a part of The Lefe!





Waterlefe Artists Guild (WAG)

Patsy Hall

Boat Club (any boat type)

Dave Rogers

Book Clubs

Dianne Carroll

Mixed Bridge

Judy Werner

Cars & Coffee (Car enthusiasts)

John Valletta

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

Jeff Brand

Tom Kalousek

Mixed Euchre Card Group

Sue Bryant

Fitness Center Programs/Classes

Jana Dunson-Martin

Kristine Reis

Golf Groups:

Women’s Niners (9-hole)

Chris Lavoy (non-resident)

Barbie Brand

Women’s Golf Association

Bonnie Tyler (non-resident)

Barbie Brand

Men’s Golf Association

Tom Tosi

Men’s Duffers (9-hole)

Norm Greenspan


Jackie Hannan, Prop Mgmt

Purls and Chains (Knitters and Crocheters)

Lisa Hantverk

Ladies Bunco

Peggy Slocum

Ladies Out-to-Lunch Bunch

Roz Warner

Mah Jongg

Sue McCarty

Marina (to purchase boat slip)

Janice Reed, Golf Club

Marina Club (Waterlefe-based boats)

Rob Young

Watering Hole (Social Gathering)

Miriam Martin

Waterlefe Hangar Talk (Aviation enthusiasts)

Terry Lee

*=Storage racks for kayaks/canoes are available near the Marina for an annual fee. Contact Jackie to secure a rack. Check River Club calendar (on website) for more card-related groups and other activities.

Waterlefe Golf is Turning 20 Years Old!

In just a few short months the community of Waterlefe Golf & River Club will be turning 20 years old!  Yes, that's right, the Waterlefe Golf Course had its grand opening in January 2000, and shortly thereafter the first phase of homes were built and sold.   

To celebrate this occasion, all residents of Waterlefe are invited to a block party on Sunday, January 12, 2020 from 5:00 pm – 8 pm.  The event will be held on the Waterlefe grounds between the Golf Club and the River Club.  

Save the date to attend this memorable event for an evening of food & drink, fond memories, and the camaraderie that Waterlefe is known for!

Additional mementos and commemorations will also be visible as 2020 progresses.

Join the Golf Club – Initiation Fee Waivedl

Next year Waterlefe Golf & River Club will be celebrating 20 years of community and golf!  If you have ever considered joining the Golf Club as a Passport Member, there is no better time than now.   In honor of our 20thyear, we are again waiving the Initiation Fee and offering an incentive to join.  This is a time-sensitive promotion!  Call or email Janice for all the details.    (941) 718-4848 or

NFL Sunday Ticket

Please join us each Sunday in the Waterlefe Grille Room to watch your favorite NFL team on multiple TV screens.  Each week the Grille Room will offer game day beverages, snacks, and appetizers during the 1 pm and 4 pm games. Up to three, non-regional games will be televised at both the 1 pm and 4 pm starting times. Each Tuesday the Golf Shop will begin accepting requests for your team’s game. All TV scheduling will be on the first-come-first-served basis.