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Quentin Makes a Pot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Cole, Sam, Quentin, Tyler 




Fettling Knife- You can use this tool to cut clay and sometimes make designs with it. 

Fork- The fork can be used in the score, slip, knit process to connect your additive layers.

Modeling Liner- You can use this to smoothe out small portions of clay and also make little designs.

Modeling Modeler- You can smoothe out clay and model your clay however you would like. 

Modeling Spatula- This can be used to smoothe clay of large portions. 

Double Ball Stylus Tools- You can make designs with this.

Needle Tool- You can make little detail designs. 

Wire Clay Clutter- This can be used to cut clay and make sure they're are no air bubbles. 

Sgraffito Tool- You can use this for your negative layers. 

Wipe Away tools- You can wipe away unneeded clay.

Fine Point Wipe Away tool- Make little designs and wipe little amounts of clay.

Quentin grabs his clay and wedges his clay. He has to make sure there are no air bubbles so it does not BLOW UP.

Quentin has to form his clay and morph it into workable clay. He makes a slab for his base!

Quentin then scores, slips, and knits his horizontal, vertical, and spiral coils together so they do not come apart later in his project.

Quentin uses the score, slip, knit method to add additive designs

Quentin then uses the 2 wireloop sgrafitto tool to add negative designs

Quentin finally puts his whole pot together and smooths the whole project so it will be he can get it ready for the kiln

Quentin dries out his pot so it is now greenware and finally puts his pot in the kiln. He now has to wait.


He gets his bisque ware out of the kiln and now he has sand it down and then rinse it out getting all the dust off it

Quentin paints glaze onto his pot and has to have a specific color scheme and has to fill every empty space.

The clay goes through the kiln again. He gets his glaze ware out of the kiln


His cup is not functional so it is decorative