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Caden Liebenstein/ Walt Disney

Walt Disney was born on December 5,1901 in Chicago, Illinios. He was born with one brother. His dad was Irish Canadian and his mom was German American. He was just English. When he was a kid he would love to draw. He went to Mickennly High School and after school he would go to The School Of Institute so we can learn more about drawing. At the age of 16 he dropped out of  High School to prosue his dreams of drawing. We he first started he struggled on keeping his buisiness. But when he started making films with his workers he gained money and mase tons more films. Later on in life he created theme parks and cruises. Later in 1966 on December 15 in Burbank, California WaltDisney Died.

 I chose Walt Disney as my famous animator because he reminds me of myself. He grew up to be a famous drawer. As a kid I love to draw so watching him was amazing. When i saw the movie of Walt Disney I realized new things in drawing so he inspired me to draw new things. People think he is famous because he created lots of creative films and movies. He has also made theme parks and cruises which are now very popular and thats why I picked him. He also made Mickey mouse first because he had apet mouse when he was out of buisiness.