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Map of Paraguay

The Itaipú Dam


The white panthera is endangered in Paraguay. They need to protect the white panthera in Paraguay.  

The Paraguay soccer team is ranked 36th in South America.

Information about Paraguay  

This is the Paraguay flag. ^

The population of Paraguay is 6.9 million people.

Asunción is the capital of Paraguay.

Info about Paraguay part 2 

The Latitude/Longitude of Paraguay is 23.4425° S, 58.4438° W

The size in area is 157,048 miles

Paraguay laws come them Roman law, and French codes. Paraguay is a democracy with 5 year terms. The current President of Paraguay is Horacio Cartes, since 15 August 2013.

The Parana and Pilcomayo rivers

The Atlantic Forest

The Paraguay river


The Atlantic Forest is endangered. Only 2% to 3% remain in the country. 

The Paraguay river is 1,629 miles long and the 5th largest river in South America. 

The Parana and Pilcomayo rivers form part of the border of Paraguay.  

The climate of Paraguay can be called subtropical. Paraguay has a rainy season during summer from October to April.

In the summer it can reach 82°F. In the winter temperatures are between 55° F and 69° F.

The Climate

Paraguay has two regions. The Paranaense region is subtropical  and Chaco is tropical.  

This chart shows what the temperature and the rainfall is in Paraguay.

The Friendship Bridge 

The resource used to run the Itaipu Dam is the Parana River, which forms a natural barrier between Paraguay and Brazil.

^ It took 18 years and $18 billion to build the dam.

Human Resources  

The Friendship Bridge is on the border between Brazil and Paraguay.  It takes 5 to 7 minutes to cross it on foot.  

The National Pantheon of the Heroes is a landmark in Asunción.  It's a national monument of Paraguay.

The National Pantheon of the Heroes 

The most common natural resources are timber, iron ore, and manganese.

Manganese is never found on its own. It's found with other minerals. It can make glass and steel.  


Natural Resources 


Timber is not allowed to be shipped out of Paraguay. They can only use the wood in the country. It is used for fuel and construction.

The Iron ore found in Paraguay is made into iron and steel. Paraguay made 63,000 metric tons in 2010.

Iron ore

Forestry is an industry in Paraguay but is not good for the forests and the animals in Paraguay. The wood is for paper and lumber.  


Industries in Paraguay 

Textiles is a cloth in Paraguay for pillows and other things. 


Cement is another industry that is in Paraguay.   


8.9 million tons of soybean will be harvested in 2017.   


The Agriculture in Paraguay

Paraguay will harvest 3.3 million tons of corn in 2017.    


Paraguay is removing forests for their grazing cattle. They use the cattle for meat and milk. 


The religion is Roman Catholic. 

Catedral Asuncion church

Arró Quesú

They eat Arró Quesú which is like a rice. It's like cheese and milk risotto.

Paraguay people speak Spanish - 76% of the population 


Asado is a barbecue though with a lot of food.