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Mission Statement:

To discourage all drivers, young people in particular, that no text message is worth the damages it can cause, including death.


It Can Wait

The "It Can Wait" campaign began in 2010 with the effort to awareness of the dangers of texting and driving. In 2011, awareness was again the key focal point, and in 2012, AT&T put the awareness into action by reaching out to schools and communities. They delivered messages in key geographic markets, provided interactive driving simulations, and encouraged people to pledge not to text and drive. Their focus is to get as many people to take the pledge to not text and drive in order to make the roads a safer place. Their slogan, "It Can Wait" refers to the fact that no text is important enough to take someones life away and can wait.


When it comes to laws in the united states with a stance on texting and driving, 15 states prohibit all handheld use of cell phones while driving right now and 38 states prohibit all cell phone use to new drivers. A grand total of 47 states don't allow texting and driving. However, each state has different laws about the use of phones when driving.

Laws and Legislation

These efforts to make an end to texting and driving may be making an impact. A preliminary analysis of the "It Can Wait" activities and accident reports in Texas, Illinois, and Florida shows a positive correlation between people sharing the "It Can Wait" messages and a reduction in crashes. Alongside, the program has achieved billions of earned and social media impressions with nearly 5 million pledges not to text while driving.

The Impact