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    The Angry Volcano

                                    By: Priscilla Perez

Once a upon a time, there was an angry volcano.

She didn't like the pressure that was building up inside of her.

She was furious, she filled with lava, and started to erupt. She didn't like it when she erupted because the sky would turn dark. She hated the dark.

One day, the pressure got very bad. The sky turned dark. she erupted and lava went everywhere. Including the towns.

Once she was finally done erupting the darkness turned into light. Once again the volcano could finally relax again.

After a volcano erupts, the lava on the ground cools down and turns into rock.

After a while, the ground becomes fertile. Grass, trees, and other plants start to grow again.

When the lava has dried and turn into rocks. those rocks that were once lava, then break down and become tiny pieces of sediment. After that the tiny pieces of sediment form into sedimentary rock.

This is what the magma creates. after a long time the sediment becomes hard and turns into rock. The sediment is now igneous rock.

After another very long time, the rock

hardens even more and becomes metamorphic rock. The heat and pressure is what caused this to happen.

Finally, The rock turns into magma. and this process starts over again. The pressure builds up again. The volcano erupts again.