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This is a picture of my country   

This it the flag of Nicaragua


  1. This is the capital of Nicaragua is Managua 
  2. This is a picture of my country
  3. The current population of Nicaragua is 6,241,928 
  4.   The size in Nicaraguan is 50,338 mi²
  5.  the latitude longitude of Nicaragua is 12.8654° N, 85.2072° W

information about Nicaragua

This is the flag of Nicaragua

Nicaragua has the largest rainforest in the New World outside of the Amazon Basin.

Some landforms in Nicaragua are tropical forests.

Nicaragua land forms

Most of Nicaragua has a temperature of 77 - 80 degrees on the east side and 79-82 on the west side  but the highlands are a little bit cooler.  It has 2 seasons  the dry and the raining season. The dry season is January to June and they almost have no rain. The other months are the rainy season. The coast is more humid and some areas can get up to 5 meters of rain each year.

Climate of Nicaragua

This is a picture of a man make artifact  

This is a man made artifact called a Petroglyph.  They are found in many places and are made by removing parts of the rocks surface by picking at it or carving it.

Man made artifact

some natural resources in Nicaragua are timber,fish, and lobster  

Nicaragua has a lot of forests that they use for agriculture. Most of the forests are tropical rain forests.

What are Nicaragua's natural resources

What are Nicaragua's natural resources

Fishing  is a source of food for Nicaragua.  

Shrimp and Lobster are exports.

Traditional products like coffee, meat and sugar are the main exports.  The fastest growing exports are now textile and apparel; gold, seafood and new agricultural producst like peanuts, sesame, melons and onions.

The main industries are food processing, chemicals, machinery and metal products.

Industrial products made in Nicaragua

Bananas -  are easily found.  The trees are actually plants because they are not made of wood but have a green stem. The Nicaraguan people use all of the banana.  They eat it and use the peel to make vinegar.

Avocados - different kinds are available all year long.  They have proteins and fat.  

  products that are grown in nicaragua 

Holy week is one of the traditions that is celebrated in Nicaragua.  It celebrates Jesus Christ.

When Nicaraguans celebrate special holidays they  enjoy meals that have meat.  They usually don't have meat so it's very special for them.

Important holidays in Nicaragua are Christmas 5/25, Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Immaculate Conception 12/8.

The most important one is LaPermisia which is the week long celebration of  Immaculate Conception.

The culture of Nicaragua 


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