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The IPhone 9 is a way better phone then the Iphone6 or 7 the phone has a batterey life that last more than 24 hours if you charge it over night the phone comes in multiple colors my faviorte is the gold and white the phone also has a super strong glass as the screen which can only break if you drop it over 1000 feet above ground the screen is also water prove which can be helpful at a water park when you want to take picure or videos on a water slide. The volume is also increased by over 50 percent, the camera is also better then any phone out there by that I mean that when you are taking a picture and some has to photobomb your picture you can crop them off the picture on your phone. Like most of the iphones you can contol your house from the phone meaning that, you can check the cameras on of your house on the phone which is a special feature this year in saftey of your home which is inclued with the purchase of your IPhone 9.