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The Constitution 

By: Madison Edwards 

The introduction for the Constitution


Page 1 

Congress can make laws

Article 1

Page 2

Sets up the presidency and Vice Presidency to carry out or execute the laws 

Article 2

Page 3

Sets up the supreme court, duties and powers of supreme court and federal courts, power of judical review, defines treason


Article 3

Page 4

Creates rules for states to get along with other states, garantees to states, amiting states to the union

Article 4

Page 5

How to add ammendments to the constitution

Article 5

Page 6 

Article 6

The constitution is the highest law of the United States

Page 7

Article 7

The constitution became effective when 9 out of 13 states approved

Page 8

The bill of Rights

Collective name for the first 10 amendments

Page 9

Amendment 1: Freedom or religon, speech, press, assembly, petetion

Amendment 2: Right to bear arms

Amendment 3: Soliders can't move into your house

Amendment 4: The police have to have a search warrent

Amendment 5: Can't be put on trial twice

Other Amendments

Page 10

The Constitution has a total of seven articles and 27 amendments, it also has the bill of rights.