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- Mozzarella 250gr

- 5 Cherry tomatoes

- Fresh basil

- 5 Wafers

- 1 Egg to spread it on the wafers

Caprese´s baskets




  1. First of all, cut the tomatoes in four pieces, take off the seeds and cut them in dazes.
  2. We put a piece of Mozzarella and some tomatoes and add a little of salt and pepper
  3. Put the baskets in the oven for 20-25 min.
  4. Finally put some basil´s leafs and a little of olive oil to make them being more Mediterranean.

- 4 Portobello´s giant mushrooms      - 2 s/s jam dazes

- 1 Big leek                                       - n/c of olive oil

- 1 Clove                                           - n/c of salt

- 100g Death´s trumpets                    - n/c of black pepper

- 2 s/s almond like dazes                   - Fresh parsley

Portobello stuffed by leek, death´s trumpets and almonds




  1. First of all heat the grill and spread some olive oil on it. 
  2. Cook the Portobello with the grill until they are toasted. Meanwhile, poach the leeks in a pan and when they are undercooked add some garlics and brown them.
  3. Then put a Little of salt, black pepper and fresh parsley. Afterwards add the jam dazes and mix everything. Finally move away the pan from the fire.
  4. To conclude, fill the Portobello with the death tumpets preparation, leeks, jam and almonds, and decorate them with a few parsley leads and some black pepper grounded at the moment.


  • 2 sirloits of pork                                                      
  • 4 cloves of garlic                                               
  • 4 bacon slices
  • 500g of mushrooms                                          
  • 500mL of water                                                    
  • Virgin Extra Olive Oil
  • Salt

Pork sirloin with mushrooms




  1. Cut the sirloin in 4 slices and we surround them with the bacon.
  2. We fried the sirloin in a medium level fire.
  3. Then we sauté the onions and after 2 minutes we add the mushrooms.
  4. Finally, when the sauce alloys correctly we stop the fire and serve with the sirloin.
  • 1/2 glass of quinoa                                                
  • 2 glasses of water                                               
  • 3 different kind of pepper
  • 1 carrot                                        
  • 1 zuccini                                             
  • 1 leek
  • Salt

Special quinoa




  1. Clean the quinoa with water in a colander. Then boil it for about 5 min.
  2. Cut all the vegetables in snall pieces to make the easier to cook. Put the in a pan with some olive oil until they are cooked.
  3. After 5min take out the quinoa from the fire and strains the water from it. Then add it to the pan where the vegetables are cooking for only 2 min.


-200 g orange juice                       For the almond foam:

-2 jelly papers                               -250 ml of milk

-thepeel of 1 orange                     -4 yolks

For the crunchy orange:               -120 g of sugar

-4 orange slices                            -25 g of powdered and toasted almond

-100 g of sugar                             -5 eggwhites

-100 ml of water                            -250 ml ofwhipped cream

                                                     -A Little of almond licor

                                                     -2 jelly papers  


Almond foam with orange geleé




  1. Leave the jelly soaking in cold water. Spill 50 g of orange juice in a Little pan and heatit. Move it from the fire , add the drained jelly and stir it.Addthepeel of theorange and the rest of the juice, mix it and cool.
  2. Put over the tray an oven papersheet. Prepare a syrupwithsugar and water. Thenplunge the orange slices in the syrup and put them on the oven papersheet. Drythem in the oven during 45 minutes at 120
  3. Plunge the jelly in water to soften it. Heat the milk in a pan, wheitboils, moveitfromthefire and addthejelly. Whiptheyolkswith 25 g of sugaruntilthey are creamy and white and then add the toasted almond. Mix the egg whites with 25 g of sugar and themilk skin withtheother 25 g of sugar.
  4. Mix little by little the milk withthemixure of the yolks and leave it to cool down. Add the amaretto and addfirstthemilk skin and thentheyolksbylittle spoons.

•200 g of yolks                                    •6 bay leaves

•150 g of sugar                                    •For the fruit flowers:

•125 g orange juice                              •8 mango coatings

•2 g de orange peel                              •8 lpearcoatings

•For the chocolate leaves:                    •8 Apple coatings

•100 g of chocolate 70%

•6 leaves from an orange tree


Custard dessert coatings with fruit leaves




  1. Boil the sugar with the juice until it is on the rigth point. Take it off from the fire and leave it fall on the yolk while you are whipping. Add the shavings and leave it resting in the fridge for 6h.
  2. Melt the chocolate and with a paint brush, paint the leaves. Leave it making harden.
  3. Pack in a vacum the fruit with the mixture and leave it rest for 6h.