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         Digital life 101 

                                      by. marcus joseph





                     A website on which someone writes about personal opinions, activities, 

                               An experiences; also: the things that a person writes on such a website.






         is a hostile and insulting interactions between internet users, often involving 

                         the use of profanity.



                   Peer to Peer 

      rules: policy enforcement, password expiration, and password complexity 

Tips: use a unique password pattern. and expand instead of using just letters




Tips and rules:

 1.say only what you would say to someones face.


 2.don't use rude words.



 3.don't hurt others feelings.



 4. Be clear in your subject and your message.


 5. check your spelling.


 6.don't type in upper case letters.


  7. cool off before responding to an anger message.


   1.use different passwords for every account.

 2. don't reveal to much on social media.


 3. protect your computer and browser.


 4. shop only on safe sites. or in person attention


 6.think before you click.

     protect yourself online

 the practice of illegally copying and selling digital music   ,video,computer,   software,etc.

              Digital piracy


 tips and rules for using social media


  1.don't be rude


  2.don't provoke fights.


  3.stay mindful of others.


  4.don't respond to hate messages. 

          Social media

 the use of electronic communication to bully someone, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature.


  1. Don't respond 

    2. Use block features


    3. Invole teachers and school