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It's about The Articles of Confederation and The Constitution

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The Articles of Confederation & The Constitution

On March 1, 1781 a piece of paper called the Articles of Confederation went into effect. 

These articles were created to help run the United States after we seperated from Great Britain.

The 13 states needed to work as one. The government that these articles created, did not work. 

They didn't let the government elect a President. They made it so 9/13 states had to approve to pass a law. 

Each state could only have 1 vote no matter how big or small they were.

In 1789, to fix these problems another document called the Constitution was created. This made it so the government had 3 branches.

The First Branch is the Judicial Branch. This branch is in charge of interpretting laws.

The second branch is the Legislative Branch. This branch makes laws.

The third branch is the Exective Branch. This branch is in charge of enforcing laws. The President is the head of this branch.

America discovered that this was a much better way of governing and has kept with it ever since.