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By : Harrison T. Frank 

The Divide

        Once upon a time there were two young boys, one named Nikolai, and he other named Alexander. These two boys grew up in the distant land of Crimea, in a country called Ukraine. Alexander and Nikolai grew up playing and going to school together. These two young boys were always doing the same thing, and always together, they were the bestest of friends. The only difference between the boys was that Alexander was ethnically Ukrainian and Nikolai was ethnically Russian. This didn't matter to the boys, or atleast when they are young.


        In the year 1991, Ukraine and Russia split, due to the fall of the Soviet Union. Alexander and Nikolai didn't care though, they were still un-separable best friends. They woukld stay best friends. As the boys grew up in Ukraine, very close to the Russian border, they spent some winters very cold, due to the fact that Russia had halted gas lines going in to Ukraine. "Why is it so cold?" Alexander once exclaimed, and Nikolai answered, "Well, You see Alexander, Russia halted gas lines to Ukraine, so therefore we do not have heat." Alexander retorted quickly, "Well then, I hate Russia and everything that comes from Russia. "Hey, Im from Russia you idiot!" shouted Nikolai.

      The boys calmed down, however, they still were mad at eachother on the inside. Nikolai was proud to be Russian, and Alexander was proud to be Ukrainian. Even though they lived in the same province and grew up together, they let their ethnicity come between them. Alexander was still frustrated about the halted gas lines, and felt that Russia was trying to influence Ukraine.    


       Alexander and Nikolai continued to be friends throughout the early years of their lives, however in 2014, Russia took over Crimea, which previous to this event, was owned by Ukraine. Nikolai said that since Crimea hosted a Russian naval fleet, it doesnt matter that Russia took it. Alexander heavily disagreed, "Russia fully willing gave Crimea to Ukraine back in the 1900's even before the Soviet Union fell." Nikolai said that his statement was true, but Crimea had no real relevance to Ukraine anyway.

       The 2014 Ukraine conflict ended the long friendship between Alxander and Nikolai, due to how they believed that their ethnic countries were both right. Nikolai believed that Russia had full right of moving in and taking Crimea and Alexander felt that Ukraine rightfully owned crimea. These two boys, who grew up together, and were un-separable at times, let something such as ethnicity get between them. They focused on what was going on politically instead of how important they were to eachother. 

The End...