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Walt Disney

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Artists:Walt Disney and Ub lwerks   


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I chose this Famous Animator because Disney makes one of the best movies.Walt Disney is considered an animation pioneer because he had seven developments in cartoons


Walt Disney was born in Chicago Illinois December 5 1901.Walt's father Elias Disney would beat him and his brother Roy everyday.Walt created a world where everyone was happy with pen and ink.World War 1 gave Walt a chance to escape his father.At the age of 16 he joined the Red Cross Ambulence Corps.After the war Walt moved to Kansas city where he took a job in film Ad co.Oswald the lucky rabbit was stolen from,Walt would never make this mistake again.Walt had thought of creating a cartoon character based on the mouse that was living in his office in Kansas city.Disney had hired a team of animators and artists.Walt Disney had made 2 amusment parks but Walt Disney didn't get to see his second one finished because he died of lung cancer in 1966     Image result for mickey mouse 1928

Favorite images of the characters  Walt Disney had made

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