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ub lwerks



by:paris scott 

the beginning of ub lwerks and walt disney 

ub lweks created the lucky rabbit and helped walt disney create mikey mouses frist films films all the way till walt dsney and himself died walt disney trusted ub he trusted him so much that he made him the priniple of animation for the first mickey mouse that came out in 1928 of nov,18

disney was hired at persan rubin commercial art studio were ub Iwerks worked at after a few days there for walt disney he formed a bound with ub Iwerks ..Ub Iwerks was really talented but shy on the othr hand disney was visionary and had a outgoing mind when it can to animating things same with ub Iwerks 



why?did walt disney choose ub to be his principle animater 

their bound was so tihgt thta disney could trust ub Iwerks with anything  like animating/creating they both out alot effort in hat they created in mickey mouse and etc.


ub Iwerks was a very talnted and shy person he was born in march 24,1901 in kansas city mo and died july 7,1971 burbank,ca beforehe died though he had an amazing talnet with art and loved doing it when he was hierd at pesmen rubin art studio he took it foreal because he knew he had something and once he meet walt disney that outgoing minded persn he gained a wild style in drawing.He was also married to a mildred sarah henderson they had two childern of their own don and dave Iwerks .Ub Iwerks was a great man and died and amazing artist and inventer,father.