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Brynlinn Rae

Baby Booklet

Baby Booklet

Parenting Readiness

1. You are ready to take care of another human being, not putting yourself first anymore. You are ready to sacrifice things for your child. 


2. I would not be ready to be a parent. I am excited to have kids but I do not think I am fit for it right now. School, marriage, then baby is my plan. 


3. I would feel scared. I believe that I would eventually feel more comfortable as my pregnancy progresses. 


4. I would feel more ready if I was of that age because you have been through school and would hopefully have a steady job. Usually you witness child growth through families as well. 


5. I would feel even more comfortable if I was married at that time but I feel as if that age is a good start. 


6. The at home life syle would be good. You can not go out every night expecting to be called a good parent. A steady job will help income better as well. 

Birth Scenario:

  Caesarean  Birth     

Slight Heart Murmur

Rae Meaning:

This name means Grace.



Burnt wood.

People with this name have a deep inner desire for travel and adventure, and want to set their own pace in life without being governed by tradition.

Squished Nose

Head is too large for body

Smiling but not for a purpose

Umbilical Cord



Soft Spot on Head


Baby's reflex to grab a person's finger


Baby's eyes are swollen for few days


Chubby Cheeks



Lift their head for a short period of time

Responds to parent's presence

Facial Expressions

8 1/2 daytime hours and 7 1/2 hours at night of sleep



Makes throaty sounds


Focusing on objects

Adjust posture when you are holding her

Communicate expectation through non-verbal cues

Interested in mirror image; may smile at it

May be attentive for up to 45 minutes



Holds and waves a toy

Holds her head at a 90˙ angle when on her stomach

Brings her hands together

Turns her head and neck to find source of sound

Curls in arms and legs when picked up

Moves by twisting and rolling

Moves her head in all directions


Waves her arms for "up"

Attached to parents or parent


Touches, holds, turns, shakes, and gums objects

Aims well when reaching for objects

Laughs and Giggles

Utters several sounds

Introducing solid foods


Knows her name

Looks for fallen objects

More independent play time

Sees the world in full color

Holds herself on her legs with support

Tooth buds emerge from her gums

Looks the game peek-a-boo

Sit without my help

1 single hour nap

More adventure

Expert at crawling

More vocaling

Suffer from seperation anxiety

More solid foods

Getting close to walking

Can pick up objects better now


Sit down after standing


Can throw a ball

Can point out objects in books

First sign of independence

Can say simple words

Imitate your mommy


Attention span for 2-5 min.

Resist taking naps