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Diary of Anne Frank

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Created by: Emma Enos

The Diary of a Young Girl Book Review 

  • This story took place during World War one in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.



  • During this time period of 1939-1945, almost all of Europe was suffering with poverty and death, while the United States blossomed in wealth

Margot Frank: The sister of Anne. She and her sister were together, when in hiding.

Anne Frank: The author of this diary. Daughter of Otto Frank and sister of Margot Frank

Adolf Hitler: Dictator of Germany and surrounding countries, but also hated the jews

The Opekta Workers: These are the people that kept Anne Frank and her family hidden. Miep Gies, Johannes Kleiman, Victor Kugler, and Bep Voskuijl.


  •  Anne writes about a fictional character named "Kitty" in which she tells her stories about her hiding, birthday, and just her daily life in Amsterdam.

Point of View

  • Since this story is a diary, we know that the author is Anne Frank. But the point of view is particularly strange.

 During this time period, World War II was a big part of Europe's  suffering with death and poverty. The person responsible for this was none other than Adolf Hitler. Hitler did not hurt Anne's family personally, but with his Nazi party. Hitler and his Nazi party wanted power over Europe but were a very disgusting group of people. Hitler hated Jews, homosexuals, and gypsies.Anne frank's family was affected because they were Jewish. The jews were not only hated by Hitler but were killed later on. After Hitler was in the ruling, he started his devious plan. Picking out Jews one family to another, sending them to concentration camps and gas chambers with no food, oxygen, medicine or beds.This leads into Anne Frank's Diary. Her whole diary goes through her going to school, her birthday and her struggle to stay alive. After her family was picked out to go to the camps, a family that worked with her father kept them in a secret annexe in Amsterdam.  Sadly, this story does not end in a happy ending but it does teach us what History was really like. In the end, Anne Frank does not keep hidden her and her family get sent to concentration camps. Her parents go to the gas chambers and she and Margot go to a camp and die from typhoid fever. Three days later American soldiers come and rescue the living people that are left.




I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Though it was sad, I believe everyone should read this to have the knowledge of history not just in one place, but the whole world.  One quote by her is "Then I had a chance, for the first time since our arrival {to the secret annexe}, to tell you about it, and at the same time to realise myself what had actually happened to me and what was still going to happen. (Loc 285 of 3811) " I love how the whole time through thick and thin Anne Frank still wrote in her diary almost every day. Another one of my favourite quotes from her is " Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart". I admire her hope and goodness in everything even though she was going to suffering and death. She still stayed firm in her faith as being Jewish and proved that even though there are tough times you have to stay positive. Anne Frank is a role model to me should be to others also. Even though she was only 16 when she died she showed what maturity and responsibility she had during Hitler's ruling. Even after she was taken to a concentration camp, called Bergen-Belson, I infer that she still had some hope even though she might've been scared and death was upon her.

My Review

I think the main theme(s) of The Diary of a Young Girl is

love, faith and hope. That may sound cheesy but in this

sad but lovely story, it tells of just that. Through suffering

and death, Anne Frank stayed positive with hope and love 

for herself and others around her. Even though she was

nervous and scared at times I believe how she handled it

was right. As a Christian, I know that her staying in her

faith was important and what Hitler did to the jews,

homosexuals, gipsies, etc. was entirely wrong.