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  1. About to 5-13 servings
  2. Can cause social or physical discomfort 
  3. There is going to be a result where you're going to have nutrient deficiencies 
  4. Certain vegetables can make you see better


  1. About 3 cups a day of servings
  2. If you have to much Dairy it can cause Aging, poor skin, chronic inflammation, Chronic digestive problems, and cancer risks
  3.  If you stop eating or drinking dairy you could either lose weight, make you digestive better, and make your skin healthier 


  1. About 4 teaspoons a day is good enough
  2. Too much can lead to heart disease
  3. oil is made up of fatty acids and fats helps contain temperature so try to maintain a balance for oil
  4. There is more than 3 different type of fats


  1. You should at least get 2 servings of fruit per day
  2. Too much fruits can lead to high blood pressure, diarrhea, weigh gain, so the more sugar you eat the more fat you store 
  3. Can lead to nutrient deficiencies and will start to feel weird side effects
  4. Grapes can explode if you put them in the microwave



  1. you should get at least 0.36 grams per day
  2. If you eat too much more than your body can take then the rest will just be stored as fat
  3. Too little protein can lead to trouble losing weight and bone joint pain
  4. after water protein if the most plentiful for our body
  1. you need 3 ounces or more of whole grains per day
  2. can lead to rapid spike in blood pressure
  3. too little grains can drop your sugar blood because you donĀ“t have enough carbon
  4. Rice does not need to grow in water


  1. 1 Servings 
  2. sugar caffeine, taurine and gin son  
  3. The side affects can cause puking, nausea, and stomach pain


Bad energy drink brand on left and good energy drink on right


  1. Serving: 1 can
  2. Its a good choice because it has vitamins like vitamin A, B6, and C
  3. There are elements that are in verve like titanium, silver, and tin because there has been some reports that this mineral has accumulated in the body 
  4. Its natural flavors and vitamin makes it better than others energy drink


  1. There is 8.4 fl oz
  2. Bad ingredients: Caffeine, taurine, caramel, and more
  3. Can cause osteoporosis and heart and arrhythmia 
  4. too much sugar is bad so it falls into the fruit categories a little 
  5. per serving is $1.99

Red Bull


  1. Serving is 250ml
  2. Its a good choice because of its organic ingredients and juice
  3. This fits in in the fruit categories
  4. $1.99  


Rock Star

  1. 240g per servings
  2. caffeine, taurine, copper, and niacin
  3. Its is said that this energy drink has more sugar that red bull and monster
  4. $3.30 per servings



  1. 16 fl. oz
  2. Its good because of its organic flavors and ingredients 
  3. It fits in the fruit categorize because of its organic flavors and sugars
  4. $2.00 per servings


  1. 24 fl. oz per servings
  2. Caffeine, taurine, and sugar
  3. if you drink more than 1 or 2 servings within an hour you can get cardiac arrest
  4. $2.62 per servings


  1. 12 oz
  2. Cost $2.25
  3. has organic and natural flavored ingredients 

Runa clean energy

5-hour energy

  1. 1.93 fl. oz per servings
  2. Niacin, caffeine, and vitamin B6
  3. $1.50 per servings



  1. 12 ounce per servings
  2. is it a good choice because of its organic ingredients, and natural caffeine 
  3. it is made with real fruit juice
  4. This brand falls within the fruit categories 
  1. 8.oz per servings
  2. Caffeine, taurine and others 
  3. $5.96
  4. This brand is unhealthy 



  1. Serving is 250ml
  2. Its a good choice because of its organic ingredients and juice
  3. This fits in in the fruit categories
  4. $1.99  

Scheckters organic energy

  1. 16 fl oz per servings
  2. Caffeine, sugars, citric acid, and all the types of syrups in it
  3. caramel Frappuccino is about $4.95
  4. calories of 420



  1. Servings is 240ml
  2. the bad ingredients are caffeine and taurine 
  3. It affects our body by making having high blood pressure because of sugar caffeine
  4. its costs $3.50 per servings