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this booklet is about newtons three laws of motion.

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Carter Olson

5th&6th grade science 

Newtons Three Laws of Motion




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Newtons Laws 

Newton died when he was 84 years old 

newton did not like school but he became one of the smartest people. 

Newton was know for his three laws 

Newtons first law is inertia.

Newtons 2 law is any object at rest will stay at rest till an outside force is upon it.

The 3 law is about an object needs an equal  reaction to equal to an opposite reaction.

Law one is objects in motion will stay at motion. So if your driving a car and you don't have a seat belt on you will fly out that's an object 

that stays in motion.

law one

Law two is about objects  will stay in place in till an outside force is upon  it so if you have a toy car it will stay in place in less and outside 

force is upon it.

Law 2 

Law three is about an object takes an equal reaction. So if you have a big rock and a small rock the small rock will be easier to push.

Law 3 

My name is carter and Im in 6th grade and Im 12 years old. l like to play sports like basketball baseball soccerball and football. but i also like to learn about science because there a lot of diffrent cool things you can learn.

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