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Matt Groening by William Chu

He began going from job to job from newspaper writer, to a hydroelectric plant maintenance worker to a cartoonist. He got into cartooning when he saw Walt Disney's "101 dalmations". Later he started a mini newspaper comic"Life in Hell" in which at it's peak was starring in 250 weekly newspapers.

Matt Groening, born February, 1954, is a well known cartoonist and writer, some hits include the comic series"Life in Hell" and"The Simpsons". As he was growing up Groening didnt't particularly like school this is what pushed him to start drawing.

As the comic took off, James L. Brooks approached Groening with an offer to work for FOX to make the Tracey Ullman Show. Instead Groening offered he make a comedy sitcom named"The Simpsons". This immediantly took off with fans worldwide, and has evolved to become the world longest and leading cartoon.

Why I chose him? 

I chose Matt Groening because I myself am a Simpsons fan and i thought it would be interesting to write about this aging writer, and the legacy he would leave behind.