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Volleyball requiress a great amount of speed ,agility,and teamwork.Whether you are experience or inexperienced Player,good players know that there is always time to improve. Learning which areas of your game could use a little work can help you develop as a player,improving your skills,teamwork,and all arounf fitness.

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How to Become a better

Volleyball Player



         In Volleyball it is very important to know your footwork.Footwork is a Technique that helps improve and keep the game more accurate.

  1.If you are right hand hitter your footwork is Left-Right-Left(Have your arms follow through)


  2. If you are a Left hand hittere your footwork is Right-Left-Right(Have your arms follow through)


  3.Ending with either the left or right foot Jump up


  4.Make sure before you jump your hips are facing the setter


  5. Hit the ball with the palm of your hand


  6.When landing have hips face the net and land on both feet


Knowing Footwork

Serve Effectively

    1. Footwork Left-Right-Left(right handed, Right-Left-Right( left handed)

   2.Start from behind the serving line

   3.Toss the ball to a comfortable height over your head

   4.Hit with the palm of your hand 

    Serving in the game of volleyball are a easy point . Make sure you practice the toss and foot work to get your serve effectevly. Be sure to serve stays in bound on the otherside.Take your time and always serve in the front row of the other side. Also if a player in another time struggling to bump your serve make sure to serve to them everytime , This will help your gain free points.

 Strengthening and Conditioning 

                   Volleyball players soend a lot of time in the ready position,a partial squat that alot of time in the ready position. A partial squat that allows players to react quickly and powerfully to approaching ball.For Beginning players,staying in this position for a long period of time can be quickly exhausting,so developing your lower dosy and core strengths will help you be the best player you can be during the whole game. Here are some exercises to Improve your Stregnth: Wall Sit and circuit-trainging regmen.

                   Also another thing thats important to volleyball to stay in good condition ,because once your off season and ready for the following sesaon you might have lost some of the strength making the game much harder to play. Its always good to get into another sport and even play beach volleyball. when your off season its always best to join beach volleyball due to the same concept but more challenging. In beach volleyball you are dealing sand which make is harder to jump, so if you play beach volleyball its easier to play on court durnig sesson having  much more strength and helps improve your game.


                  In volleyball game its very impotant to hustle.Go after very ball ,even if you dont think that you can get it.Go for every ball like its your last hit,giving it your all each and every time you're on court.

  • Always be ready when in the back row
  • Stay down and ready to pass
  • Keep eyes on the play at all time


    The game of volleyball relies on good communication and the best team talk the most. All these steps will help involve the game.

  • Always call out for the ball to avoid confusion between teammates.
  • Call out mine or here whe you got it.
  • Yell whether the ball is in or out.
  • When seeing a tip call for it
  • Call which hitter is hitting in front role or back.
  • when block make sure to call out for touch

Communicate With Teammate

        Staying postive in volleyball is important most of the game is eighty percent emotionally and twenty percent pyshical. its always important to stay positive in the game because  your attitude reflects on your team and the way you play.

  • Its always important to forget the past plays
  • Dont get frustrated on court
  • Dont worry about others besides yourself
  • Correct your mistakes on next plays
  •  Encourage you teammate (on court or even on sidelines)

Stay Positive

  • When plating defense or approaching to hit,remember you have more time than you think.

  • Know where the sidelines are

  • never tip a bad set

  • never make the same mistake twice

  • never tip over when you get blocked
  • always give 101 percent effort


Tips for the game 





The auther of this booklet is Luna Zaldivar With 6


yeras of experiene she is willing to reveal her


secrets of becoming a remakable volleyball. Within


her senior year of high school she tore her ACL


well trying out  for her high school team. But now


she  coaching for a club in West Covina and ready


to show what she could have gave to her high


school team.