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 Not to long ago in a city not too far away, there was a hero named cesium man. Cesium man always helped anyone in the city and always did the best that he could to aid everyone, no matter who they were or how they looked he always looked after them. His outfit was all black with red strips on his legs and arms, he had a giant C in the middle of his chest for the word Cesium, his hair was black from top to bottom and his skin was cesium like. 


 Cesium man was once a scientist named Captain Joe Rogers he was studding the element cesium in his laboratory, he got his powers by mixing cesium with a tank of nuclear waste, which made the cesium explode, and therefore giving cesium man powers, and from that day on he became the superhero who vowed to help people know as cesium man throughout the city, he figured that he could help others and make the city a better place, the city had a high crime rate, Cesium man was able to lower the crime rate in no time and made the city safer for everyone living there. 


 One day he heard a call for help while he was doing research on how to solve world hunger, he went there and soon he was locked in a battle with his most dangerous enemy Water Man, Cesium first had to fight Water man’s goons, Cesium Man Threw a left hook at the first goon, the goon blocked the punch and came back with kick with his right leg, Cesium Man dogged the kick and grabbed his leg and threw him towards the second good which knocked both of them out. Water was Cesium man’s weakness so he thought of a plan to stop Water man’s havoc, The plan was to throw Cesium at water man with would cause a chain reaction and make the cesium combust, which will stop Water Mans havoc, the plan started, Joe Rogers AKA Cesium man threw a large amount of Cesium toward Water man, the Cesium exploded on sight and later that day Water man was sent to jail, the people of the city thanked Cesium Man for his hard work. 

 Cesium Man