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 French Culture 

Culture is the costomary beleifs, social forms, and material traits of a racial, religious, or social group.

Here you will learn about french culture. This pamphlet will give information about French traditions, holidays, food, education, homes and cities.

Hello= Bonjour (formal), Salut (informal)

Yes= Oui

No= Non

Please= Sil vous plait

Thank you= Merci

I love you= je t'aime

Goodbye= Au revior


In America we have christmas, there is christmas in France also but its very different. Instead of Santa Clause, they call him Pere noel and istead of putting out stockings the put out shoes. We have April Fools Day on april first, we play tricks and prank eachother. In France its called Poisson d'Avril and it happens on April third. They put little paper fish on peoples backs.

Simple french words

French vs. American Holidays

In America our schools starts early in the day around 7 or 8 and normally gets out around 3. We get served canned food for lunch, which is usually the same 3 things. In France they start school at 9 and get out at around 4. The lunch food they serve 3 course meals that are made from scratch. They also serve a certaint type of food once a month.

In America breakfast is the most important meal of the day. In France Its the least. In France the food is higher in calories but they eat very small portions of it. In america the food has a ton of calories and we eat huge portions. Our food here in mostly processed in comparison to the homecooked unprocessed food the French eat. 

French Schools

French Cuisine

If you could go to any place on vacation you would go to:

A. Paris, France 

B. Italy

C. India

Your favorite drink is:

A. Coffee

B. Soda

C. Tea

Your dream job is an:

A. Model

B. Car Enthusiast 

C. Journalist

Your favorite food is: 

A. Fruit

B. Pasta

C. Tacos

Your favorite desingner is:

A Chanel

B. Gucci

C. Anything homemade

How French Are You?

Mostly A's:

Congrats! Your 100% french. You feel comfortable eating, celebrating and living amongst french people.


Mostly B's

Your kind of french. Maybe brush up on your French skills before considering youself French


Mostly C's

Your not at all french. You have no french experience and would rather be exploring somehwere tropical and new instaed of being in the city of love.