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Santo Domingo de Guzmán
An Antidiscrimination Campaign
Name: Stephanie Gamboa
Class: 2 BGU “B’’
What is it discrimination?
Discrimination is a form of passive; becoming, at times, a physical assault violence.
Those who discriminate designated lower or differential treatment in terms of rights
and social considerations of individuals, organizations and States. Make this
difference either by the color of skin, ethnicity, sex, age, culture, religion or
Individuals who discriminate have a distorted view of the essence of the man and
attributed to characteristics or virtues that placed them one step above. Since that
"height" can judge to the rest of the individuals by qualities that not make to the
essence of these.
Many times this rejection manifests itself with:
Hateful looks with the lack of acceptance in public places, jobs or schools.
Intolerance, rejection and ignorance are determinants for the birth of
discriminatory conduct.
Popular beliefs can become hatred.
Individuals who are affected by these classifications are not valued by
virtues but by secondary characteristics that do not determine its qualities as
a human being. These examples are cruel and unfair but are classic within
our society.
Types of discrimination
Social Discrimination: It is one that is exercised by a contemptuous treatment of
a person or social group; This type of discrimination may involve other sub-types,
when treating a person or group differently from another social sector, such as the
position of an individual within a given society, considering the discriminated
individual as inferior in Physical, economic, or mental (disabled by a physical or
mentally incapacitated disability), belonging to a social sector that is considered
inferior, (economically, speaking another language, having different customs, etc.),
relegating Of society, denying them services that they should receive by right, or
treating them in a derogatory manner in various social areas, such as not allowing
them to enter certain events or places.
Racial Discrimination: Racial discrimination is characterized by the use of ethnic
traits (commonly called racial traits), to classify those who possess other physical
traits different from their own, as if they were inferior, physically, intellectually, or
morally, to those who are physically Different. Features such as skin tone, nose
shape, eye shape, hair type and so on.
Discrimination at work: It is the one that includes the treatment of inferiority and
mistreatment of a person, for reasons beyond the ability to perform in the
workplace, using as an excuse reasons that are outside the ability to perform the
work that the person habitually does, reasons Such as the advanced age of the
worker, the sex of the person, the status of the worker, nationality, religion,
ethnicity, the economic situation of the worker, the legal status of the worker Illegal
migrants), sexual preference, membership of a political party or political tendency,
It is exercised by employers or co-workers against those whom they believe to be
inferior or different in some respect.
Religious Discrimination: It is the one made by some people or groups of
people, against those who do not profess the same religion as them, that is, is the
one exercised by people or groups against those who have a religious belief
different from yours . An example is the discrimination exercised by some major
religious groups in a country or region against other religious groups.
Ideological Discrimination: It is similar to religious discrimination in that it is
exercised against those people who have a different belief, but in this case it is a
different ideological belief. Clear examples are the mutual discriminations made by
ideologically opposed groups such as the groups that base their political or moral
guidelines on "right" or "left" positions, especially in fields such as electoral politics.
Discrimination by age: It is one that is exercised against people who have an
advanced or very short age, disparaging them in their physical and mental
capacities, to perform some tasks and tasks. This happens mainly in cases of
elderly people who are treated as useless especially in the workplace and in
general to be able to fend for themselves.
Discrimination by nationality or place of origin: It is the type of discrimination
suffered by those who do not originate in the country or place in which they reside,
by those who were born in the country or have more seniority in it or in a specific
Discrimination by disability: It is the type of discrimination suffered by those
persons who have a physical or mental disability, whether it is a congenital
disability or caused by accident, illness or age, which prevents them from
developing and working in a normal manner at work, In school, in society or in life
in general.