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Music Box

Carla Farris

Ms. Longo

Social Studies

Pg 1: Chapter One... Characters


Pg 3: Chapter Two... Setting


Pg 4: Chapter Three... Summary


Pg 6: Chapter Four... Rating/ Review


Pg 8: Chapter Five... Genocide


Pg 10: Chapter Six... Holocaust vs Genocide


Pg 11: Chapter Seven... No Pretty Pictures Summary


Pg 12... Citation

Table of Contents

Mike Laszlo- Along with Anne Talbot, is one of the main characters in the movie. He has been accused of comminting war crimes, but he beleives they have the wrong Mike Laszlo. Jack Burke believes that he is "Mishka"



Mishka- Soldier from the holocaust who tortured and killed Jews. He is the soldier Mike is being accused of being. His partner Tibor Zoldan helped him wreak havoc over Jewish communities.



Anne Talbot- Anne Talbot and Mile Laszlo are the two characters mostly followed throughout the movie. Anne is her father's attorney who is trying to uncover the truth. Although her father's case is not right up her alley, she decides to support him because her son, Mikey, looks up to his grandfather.




Mikey Talbot- Anne's son, Mike's grandson. He sits back and watches everything that goes on between his grandfather, mother, and the court.



Jack Burke- The attorney working against Mike Laszlo, trying to provoke his American citizenship. Believes that Mike is not just a simple refugee.

Characters Continued

Music Box takes place in 1989, after the Holocaust. Most of the movie takes place in Chicago where they are holding a court trial for Mike Laszlo. But during the scene of Anne discovering the photos inside the music box, it seems that the photos were taken in Germany during the Holocaust.


During the court trial, Jack is providing clear evidence that Mike has commited the crimes. But Mike tries to convince everyone that he was framed and that he did not kill anybody during the Holocaust. More and more evidence piles up against Mike, and Anne is trying her best to block him from everything that is coming. One man that keeps on coming up during the trial was Tibor Zoldan. He had died in a car accident, but a few of his things were still left. Determined to get to the bottom of this, Anne ventures to Zoldan's home.

At the beginning of the movie, we are introduced to the problems Mike Laszlo and Anne Talbot are faced with. Mike has been accused of hiding his real identity of "Mishka". Mishka was the leader of a death squad who murdered Jews and gypsies. However, Mike and Anne believe they have the wrong Mike Laszlo. He is being summoned to court, and Ann has decided to become his attorney because she realizes how much her son, Mikey Talbot loves him.



Plot and Events

While talking to Tibor's wife, Anne is presented with his old music box. While she listens to the music, photos from long ago start to pop out from inside. As she inspects them, she realizes they are pictures of her father, Mike. When she looks closer, she realizes that her father was Mishka and that his did kill hundreds of Jews during the Holocaust. During her sons birthday party, she confronts her father and tells him about how Mikey would react. Mike tries to tell Ann not to tell Mikey, but she shows him the news article, anyway.


Plot Continued



In total, I would probably only give this movie three stars. There were lots of parts that were hard to follow and that I needed to search up to understand. A lot of the movie left me wanting to know more, and then they just never told us.

This cast was amazing. Jessica Lange played Anne Talbot, and she was able to portray stubborness and betrayal perfectly. Her son, Mikey Talbot, was played by Lukas Haas who made it seem that his grandpa was his whole world. Mike Laszlo, played by Armin Mueller-Stahl, was able to make you believe that he was innocent until he was proven guilty. After it was discovered that he was Mishka, he did turn harsh and made himself seem scary.

Movie Rating

Overall Review

Music Box was a very differnent movie. A lot of the Holocaust movies you watch take place during the Holocaust or tell the story of a victim. But this movie was about a man who murdered hundreds of Jews. Every time you watch a movie and the plot includes a character versus character conflict, you root for the protagonist of the story. You understand the protagonist's side and they are usually correct. But in this movie, the protagonist actually ended up being the villian. I didn't like how they made you want Mike to win the trial and then make him guilty of war crimes. It made you root for the wrong side and made you hate Jack Burke, even though he was the one doing the right thing. I would probably not recommend this movie to anybody because it is not satisfying and tricks you.

Rating Continued

A genocide is a time or event where large groups of people are murdered and killed. A few famous examples include the Holocaust and Rwanda.

What was the Greek Genocide?

The Greek genocide occured around 1914 and ended in 1923. During this time period, there were massacres and deportations of Christian Greeks in the Ottoman Empire. There, they were run by the Young Turk government. Over 3.5 million people were killed during the genocide, including Greeks, Armenians, and Assyrians. About 1.5 million were Greeks. During this genocide, Greeks were removed from their homelands in Asia Minor and relocated to different, less pleasant places in the world. 



What is a Genocide?

Greek Genocide

Genocide Continued

The Greek Genocide was actually spun off of the Turkish genocidal project, where they aimed to attack all Christian minorities in the Ottoman empire. The Young Turk government was behind the genocide because of their wish to turn the Greek land back into a part of Turkey. Thier slogan was "Turkey for the Turks." Part of the Young Turk's plan was to exterminate and get rid of excess bodies in Greece to make room for their own empire. The genocide finally ended in February of 1923 due to the signing of the Treaty of Lausanne between the Kemalist* and Great Powers.  


*Kemalist- Founders of the Republic of Turkey

The Greek Genocide and the Holocaust are two event in which millions of people died. Although the Greek Genocide was not exactly like the Holocaust, both were directed towards a specific group of people, one being the Jews and the other being the Christian Greeks. During the Holocaust, Jews were killed by firing squads, gas chambers, and lots of natural reasons. Similarly, the Greek Genocide killed Christian Greeks by mass murder, death marches, and deportation. The two events were very similar in terms of their statistics, but had two different groups of people. The Holocaust took place in Germany, the Netherlands, and Poland. Meanwhile, the Greek Genocide also occured in Germany, as well as Greece, the Netherlands, and other countries around Europe. Both events were terrible and demonstrated how the world can turn against one certain group and cause mass destruction.

Genocide vs Holocaust

The Book I read was No Pretty Pictures by Anita Lobel. In this book, Anita Lobel writes about her own experience during the Holocaust. She describes the imprisonment and bravery that occured. The story takes place in Poland and tells the story of her own family and their struggle in the Holocaust. Lobel writes about her life as a five year old, along with her three year old brother. The two were frightened by what was happening when both their parents disappear. When they are brought to the concentration camp, the two come down with illnesses such as tuberculosis, and were sick with lice. Once they were rescued, they were sent to Sweden to regain their health. There, they were reunitde with their parents. Lobel then explained how she was able to have a good life and that she wanted to see more.

No Pretty Pictures