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Tim Iacofano

Director, The Cell 2


"Amee and I came to know each other on a low budget feature that I directed.  She came to work with a complete understanding and play for what her character should be but, also, she valued the director/actor collaboration factor in creating this character.  While she brought much to this role, she valued my role as the director.  We came to a very clear understanding about how to go about this.  It got to the point where it became 'point and shoot' for me because of what she then brought to the role.  It should not go unnoticed that all of this happened on a low budget production and all the inherent challenges that come with that but also adverse weather conditions that always make the work harder for actors.  Amee put all of that out of her head and did an outstanding job.  She’s a tremendous talent and, though the term is overused, a consummate actor.  In her case, that’s spot on."

Amee is awesome. Amee is great.