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 finally free

 A compainion book to children of Eden 

By Ella DeWitt

Period 2


Table of Contents

1. Caged In


2. Going Free









5. Tools The Author used



6.About The



chidlren of Eden takes place in the future and is a story about a girl born as a second 

In Eden you can only have one kid but rowan is the second kid by 10 sec. and so all her life she has never left her house, has never made friends, has and will never get eye implants to mark her as a true member of eden, so for 16 years rowan has been stuck inside her house like it is a cage and has been running up and down the walls like an animal in a zoo. Her brother Ash is in school and has many friends but he will always look out for his sister. 

One day green shirts(cop like military personal) came to her house and rowan had to hide in a spot by her stairs in the wall.



 "it was very tight and there wasn't a lot of room to move around."



Caged In

She could hear what they were talking,


,"The green shirts had asked for ash's dad."


They wanted to inform him that he was getting a promoted and is the next choise for president.

later when the green shirts left she was able to get out of her hiding spot and." it felt great to move around again" she was in there


"For what seemed forever.".


A few days later her parents told her they found her a family and she will get eye implants and she will not have to live in hiding any more, but rowan didn't want to leave she wanted to stay with her parents and her brother she wanted to stay woth them.



A little while later she went to go talk to her dad about not wanting to go and wanting to stay and her dad said " that  he would be happy for her to go because then they wouldnt be in danger any more and they could,  

 and he wish he had done what he was needed to do when he heard that second heart beat and then they would have never had to go through what they are going thourgh now!" rowan ran to her room her heart was beating so fast, it hurt her to know thats how her dad  felt that way.

That night Rowan was going to go out into the city for the first time, she was nevous, scared, and excitied, it was so different from the pictures she saw in her books.


 She was so scared someone would notice her eyes. She knew that her eyes didn't have eye implants, so she walked with her head down. She noticed that there were many green shirts walking around, so she had to say clear of them. 

She went down an alleyway hoping no one would notice her,


"Hey, Ash, is that you?!"



Rowan heard a girl call out.


It was Lark. My brother has shown me picures of her so many times, I know her face by  heart.


 It was dark so Lark couldn't see Rowan's face, and so Rowan doesn't want to talk because she knows that the second she opens her mouth, she will give away that she is not her brother, Ash.




Going Free

Lark could tell something was different when Rowan wasn't talk

"Ash, is there something wrong?"


Rowan just  shook her head, but lark could tell that there something wrong so she said something funny and rowan laughed,



"Theres the ash I know." Lark said and laughed.


All of the sudden Lark was lieaning in closer and closer to rowan and then she saw that rowan wasn't ash and that her eyes didn't have eye implants.


"oh your a..." lark said calmly






"a second child" Rowan finshed,




"please don't tell anyone, please, please."begged Rowan.




"Don't worry won't"




said Lark. Rowan was so relieved, but she knew it was time for her to go home.




"I have to go home." said Rowan,



"I'll take you home."Lark insisted



"ok I guess." rowan agreed.


 While walking back to rowan's house they saw some green shirts walked by them and Rowan heart started beating faster and her breathing got heavier, Lark noticed and calmly said,


"just stay calm"


"ok" Rowan breathed out 


when she went inside, her famly was asleep, thank goodness,   



The next morning after that night she stayed in her room thnking about the night it  was the most fun she had in her life, she new she would never forget it.


When she when she finally went downstairs her family was doing what they usually do in the morning they had no idea what she did the night before.  

In the prespective of Rowan.


I woke up to what seems like a normal, I go downstairs to get breakfast, i say good morning to my mom, dad, and brother. my brother is a second child,  he isn't really suppost to be here because in Eden having a second child is not allowedbecause there isn't enough space or something like that.

My mom start to talk to all of us,



"I found a famliy for you to go live with Ash, isn't that great!"


. I could tell Ash wasn't thrilled his smile disappeared and it was replaced with a face that i can't tell is anger, fear, or saddness, I don't know how to confort him and I feel horrible. 



He ran up to his room, 




"just let him be" Mom says




"ok" I say and finish my breakfast.




Later that day I here my dad talking to ash, his voise is raised and here sounds very mad,




"What do you mean you don't want to go live with the family we found for?!" his voice sounds like a boom,




"I like living with you, Mom, and Rowan, I couldn't ask for a better famliy." ash wimpers   




 "I should have just done what I was suppost to done when I saw the second heart beat then i wouldn't have this problem." Dad mumble under his breath.


I saw a tear fall from from ash's face, couldn't believe my dad said that to ash, he should know that ash's feelings are delicate  

 It hurt me to know my father felt that way about my brother, I couldn't every think about how Ash felt, I didn't even want to think about it.


 That night I swear I saw ash go outside but I could have been dreaming so I didn't think anything of it. The next morning Ash took longer to come out of his room than usual, I was scared he had done somethihg to harm himself after Dad spoken to him like that.


 When he came downstairs I was happy to know that he was ok. He seamed happy but I didn't know why, i wanted to ask him, but the minute he saw Dad his smile disapeared, I felt so bad, so I went and got him breakfast, he smiled at me,


"Thank you." Ash said. 


"No problem" I said back and smiled.

Tools the author used

The author, Joey Graceffa, used first person prespective in his book, he used past tense and he has so much detail in his book. He made the story take place in the future (Eden).



About the author

 Ella DeWitt is 13 years old  and lives in Japan, she has (a) loving siblings, father, and mother, she has a dog named Oakley.

Her father is in the military, and so she has lived in South Carolina, Germany, japan, and Maine.


 Her favorate food is sushi, she loves swiming, she is a very open to learning new things an love travling.