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Our vision is to create community-based environments of care and opportunity to achieve lives free from poverty.


By providing; 

Shelter, Training, Agriculture, Nutrition, and Development, we empower people living in poverty to transform their lives, their children's futures and their communities. 


Stand as One Ministry

2014 Annual Report 

Join us (again) for this fundraiser ride to help feed kids in Malawi - it's fun!


Save the date: 

October 3, 2015



As we look back over the last year, we are so grateful for all that we have been able to accomplish together. Whether you participated in the Ride for Refuge, support a child at Ebenezer School, or gave faithfully to any of our other projects - you gave hope to people! Let's continue to STAND as ONE to make a difference in the world!     ~ Dan & Irene

Ride For Refuge 2014




Smithers (top left),

Victoria (top right),

Surrey (left), 

Richmond (bottom)


Our Impact

cups of soy milk served to children since September 2014

Africa - Malawi

Soy Factory

worker delivers the milk on his bicycle to different villages where the children are waiting eagerly! 



workers make the milk everyday



Africa - Malawi

Children's Home

children are in the home on a long-term basis,

others only stay till their health crisis has passed, then go back to their families.

babies and toddlers are being fed formula and vitamin-enriched porridge


Nicole Van Elteren founded & manages the home

babysitters help out with the care of the babies day and night

To keep children with their families, parents can come to the home to pick up baby food, and Nicole goes into the villages as well to deliver food to needy families.



Africa - Malawi

Ebenezer School

new teacher residence funded by Arnie J. Charbonneau foundation

students sponsored

Dan visited the Ebenezer students in Dec. 2014 and presented them all with Christmas gifts! Pictured are some of the students with their parents.


new classroom funded by Arnie J. Charbonneau foundation



Vincente Guerrero

One family (2 parents, 2 boys) lived in this van temporarily before receiving their new home...

new homes constructed


The Gospel is explained to one of the recipients of a new house with her old one showing in the background.

volunteers helped build and paint the new homes


tables and chairs built for the Full Moon Orphan Home and a new dorm for the boys


Supported by Alpha Foundation 

chickens donated to Garden Orphan Home 



homes received safe clean water and solar power

Myanmar Faces Center

Myanmar Faces Center (MFC) opened its doors in May 2013 with 13 children. 

MFC is now home to 33 children, one manager and four caregivers.


In 2014 new trees, plants, and a garden were added. The home is now enjoying produce from the vegetable garden! 


supported by Alpha Private Foundation


children were reached through evangelism camps in the remotest DAI area of Myanmar.



Together with the Changing Lives Society in Chennai we serve the underprivileged people in the slums through 4 Life Centers. The settlement consists of 300 families. 


In Calcutta, in partnership with Kolkata City Mission, we are feeding

450 children

and 50 seniors

one cup of soy milk 5 days per week. We employ 4 women with full-time jobs.


Supported by Alpha Foundation 

Through our partners, Mass Welfare Society, we are running 7 Preparatory Schools with 543 children in three urban slum areas in Calcutta and one rural area. 625 health check-ups are performed every month.


After a 6 month tailoring course at the Life Centre, Malar was given a sewing machine. She has begun a tailoring business in her small thatched-roof home and supporting her family!

We send 100% of donations to our projects!

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