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Diamond's Simple Booklet

Page 1- Title Page

Page 2- Index (this page)

Page 3- ABC's poem

Page 4- Cinquian Poem

Page 6- Haiku

Page 7- Bio poem

Page 8- Shape Poem

Page 9- Acrostic Poem

Page 10- Elegy

Page 11- Tanka

Page 12- List Poem

Page 13- Limerick 

Page 14- Senryu

Page 15- Diamante 


ABC's Them good ol hunting day's


And there stood a deer

Binoculars zoomed in to 10

Counting on the sun to get out of my face

Draining in sweat

Evaluating on how many yards it is

Following it around until i get a shot

Gaining self confidence

Hailing rain pouring on my head

Ice stuck to my scope

Jealous of the big buck standing in front of 



Deer, Guns

Brown, Whitetail, Boom

Self confidence, Patience, Adrenalin




Benefits of Hunting

Deer hunting is so fun

Adrenalin packed all inside your head

Best sport on this planet


Haiku --Deer hunting


Beautiful, Short, Smart, Hardworking

Mother of diamond, Sister of Jennifer

Loves Dolphins, Loves Laveda Romero

Always stressed, Always happy

Biting dogs, Abusive husband, Low on money

Born, Raised and lives in Paris, Arkansas



Bio Poem  Beautiful mother



                             Contains adrenalin

                          A whole lot of patiences

              Brown, fast, sketchy and curious animals

       Camo, One gun, One bullet, A blind and some orange


                                 To kill a deer



Shape Poem   Deer!!


Acrostic poem   The one and only Diamond!!










Elegy- Grandpa

I love you

I love you more then anything in this world


All those tomatoes we ate

They were amazing because you grew them


I miss you so much

I wish you wouldn’t of gone anywhere


You will be missed

I love you!!

I miss you!!



I miss my grandpa

He was so kind and nice

He was a truck driver

Larry was his name

He passed away January 11th

I first got up at 5am

Got all my camo on and ate a poptart

Then i got my gun and bullets and headed to my spot

I spotted a deer

I aimed took a breath and fired

I got up looked for the deer

I eventually found it and skinned it


List poem

List of hunting


My grandpa was so loved

White and peaceful as a dove

He was so nice and sweet

Painted, built, drew, and colored it was all neat

Very strong and brave

January 11th is the day we go to his grave

I have missed your hugs and kiss

Rest in peace you will be missed


Limerick My Papa


Beautiful brown footballs

The football players like them

We scored thats a touchdown





                                    Fast,    Smart

                             Hardworking, Emotional, Funny

                  Trying so hard, being the best he can, hates                                       life

                             Basketball, football baseball

                                         Athletic, Sports


Diamante- About Me!!