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 By Carson Miller


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Have you ever wanted to be president? Well if you have, think again. Pharaohs are way cooler. Presidents only have ⅓ of the rule, pharaohs have it all. Their word is law. Everyone obeys them. When you meet the pharaoh, you have to bow down and  kiss the floor by their feet. They even where thought to be a god. Want to know more?     




Obama                     Vs.                    Pharaoh


The Role of the Pharaohs


The pharaoh is a king, general, and religious leader. He owns all the land, he is responsible for all the people, and had to decide the taxes, declare war, oversee religious ceremonies, and basically rule everything. It was believed he was the goddess ma’at, the god of peace and harmony. Ma’at spoke her will through the pharaoh and he had to decipher what she wanted to do and do it.

Every day, the pharaoh sat in his throne at the court of the pharaohs. The people from other countries that Egypt had conquered came and brought him gifts. They bow and kiss the ground at his feet, and offer him food or animals to keep as pets.

But what did the pharaohs eat?

The Court of the Pharaoh


What the Pharaohs Ate

The pharaohs were at the top of the pyramid, so they ate the finest food. For breakfast, they ate a small meal, usually fruits and bread. At lunch the pharaoh would eat a bigger meal, fruit, meat, and fine wine.

Later in the day the pharaoh and his wife have a feast with the guests, usually important people that needed to do something with the pharaoh. They would dance and drink wine.

The pharaoh was at the top of the social structure so he got the most and best food, but what were everyone else eating? Well, most of the other people in Egypt ate fish from the nile. Figs and watered down beer.

But which pharaohs were famous in ancient Egypt?



One of the most famous pharaohs was King Tut, short for Tutankhaten. King Tut was just a normal pharaoh. The reason that he is so famous is that when scientists found his tomb, it was in great shape. No robbers had broken into it and nothing had caved in.

Also king tut had only been 18 when he died. He was born in 1340 BC and his father was Akhenaten. Tut was the 11th pharaoh of the 18th dynasty. Is their more tombs that are undiscovered? More information waiting to be found on the great pharaohs of Egypt.





In conclusion, the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt where very powerful. They could control everything and most of the time they were successful. All of the people in Ancient Egypt relied on the pharaohs. They were the ruler and had great responsibility. They ate the best food in the kingdom and had great feasts. When the pharaohs died, they handed over the rule to their son. The pharaohs were mummified and were buried in a tomb, with their many riches for the afterlife. Their bodies were preserved for centuries later to be found and to be put in a museum and admired. One of the great pyramids of Egypt as a tombstone or the Lincoln Memorial, Pharaoh or President. Now that you have read this book which one would you prefer. Dont want either? Well, I guess you could always be a slave.


About the Author

Carson Miller lives in Portola Vally and attends Corte Madera School in 6th grade. He likes to play sports such as soccer, football, basket ball, skiing, and surfing. His favorite subjects are science, PE, and math. In his free time he reads, has pillow fightes with his brothers and plays with his friends. He started this book on Dec. 11 2014 and Finished on Jan.6 2015. 




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