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A fierce scream echoed through the forest and the smell of burning wood filled the air. Hiawatha’s wife and three daughters had been killed by a sword swinging lunatic called Tadodaho. So because of that Hiawatha is consumed by anger and vengeance. He took shelter beside a river and made a small fire there. one day Hiawatha was going to river to get some water when man in a white canoe paddled gently to the shore. Hiawatha was surprised that the canoe can float, yet it is made out of stone. The man slowly walked toward Hiawatha and gave him a string of wampum shells as an offering. “I am the peacemaker” the man said, “I know of your loss, I carry a message of healing. I have come to tell you about the GREAT LAW: fighting with our people must stop. We must come together as one body. Peace, power and righteousness will be the new way, but first, lets play with gummy bears.” “sure” hiawatha saids, and so they did. After a few days the two ate all the gummy bears and were kind of fat.  “okay, now back to business. I have come to ask you to come with me to unite all the tribes” the peacemaker said. Hiawatha considered his words. All the tribes are governed by fear, He never thought uniting all the tribes could ever happen. “I have a sore throat, but I know your voice is strong and carries the message straight to the heart. I need your help my friend” the peacemaker said. After some consideration, Hiawatha agreed to come with the peacemaker.  So both of them climbed into the peacemakers stone canoe, and started sailing to the Mohawk tribe.


After a little while (if you think 5 months is little) they arrived at the Mohawk tribes main house for meetings and other important stuff. As they walked in the house Hiawatha heard a loud “kabloosh!” as he turned around he saw the peacemaker and a bunch of shattered pieces of a vase in the floor beside him. “oopsy-doopsy” the peacemaker muttered. The kabloosh must of  been really loud because in a few seconds later, we were surrounded by Mohawk warriors wearing every hat you could think of. There were brown hats, blue hats,  yellow hats and a lot more. One warrior was even wearing a pink hat with a “kick me” sign on it. The warriors pushed Hiawatha and the peacemaker into a house that had a throne in it, and on the throne sat the Mohawk chief. “Why have you come here?” The chief asked. The peacemaker put his stone cold hands on Hiawatha’s back and Hiawatha suddenly started shaking. “We have come to tell you about the great law, fighting among our people must stop. We must come together is one mind, one body and one heart.” Hiawatha said. The chief thought about it. After minute he finally made a choice. “No. That grumpy depressed man called Tadodaho is too strong, he just raided all the tribes gummy bears a week ago” the chief said stubbornly. “What if we help you get your gummy bears back from Tadodaho, then will you come with us?” The peacemaker asked. “Fine, it’s a deal” the chief said angrily. Hiawatha and the peacemaker walked to the shore where their canoe was, but their canoe wasn’t there. All there is was a hundred little pieces of stone. “Where is our canoe?” Hiawatha asked the chief. “Sorry, I smashed your canoe into bits when you came in my territory” the chief told Hiawatha. So just like that, Hiawatha took a big stick, lit it on fire and burnt the chief's house down. “Jeez, I said sorry, all the canoes were stored there. Now we’ll all have to swim to the other tribes” the chief yelled. “Let’s just get going” the peacemaker whispered to Hiawatha, and so they got in the water, and started swimming.

Do you remember when Hiawatha and the peacemaker took 5 months to get to the Mohawk tribe in a canoe, well it took them a year to get to the seneca tribe. “Well that was tiring, we would of got here earlier if SOMEONE didn’t burn the canoes” the chief muttered. “I wouldn’t of burnt the canoes if you didn’t smash our canoe” hiawatha yelled at the chief. “Stop shouting and c’mon!” the peacemaker shouted at both of them. So they walked to the seneca chiefs house and bowed down to the seneca chief. “Why have you people come here?” the seneca chief asked. “ we have come to tell you about the great law, fighting among our people must stop. We must come together is one mind, one body and one heart ” the peacemaker said calmly. “That would never happen until Tadodaho returns the tribes gummy bears” the seneca chief said stubbornly. “So Tadodaho stole all your tribes gummy bears too? We  could help you get your gummy bears back if you come with us” the mohawk chief asked. “Fine, it’s a deal”  the seneca chief said. “Do you have any canoes?” Hiawatha asked. “sure I do, I’m not a caveman you know” the  seneca chief said. So they grabbed a canoe, dragged to in the water and started paddling to the oneida tribe. The  oneida tribe was very close to the seneca tribe, so this time it only took them 10 minutes to get to the oneida tribes territory. “Let's take some of their gummy bears” the seneca chief suggested. “No! Why would we do that” the Peacemaker yelled. “Just follow me” Hiawatha shouted. So they walked up the hill and went to the oneida chiefs house. “Why have you people come here” the oneida chief asked. “have come to tell you about the GREAT LAW: fighting with our people must stop. We must come together as one body. Come with us to the onondaga tribe” the seneca chief said. the oneida chief considered his words, after a while the seneca chief made up his mind. “Fine I’ll come with you” the seneca chief told the peacemaker. So they got to their canoes, and started sailing to the onondaga tribe.


After a while, they finally got to the onondaga tribes territory. Instead of houses, there were just huts made out of leaves and bones.“ Let's go sneak up on Tadodaho and get our gummy bears back” the seneca chief said. So they tip-toed in Tadodaho’s hut. In his little hut, there were bags stashed with gummy bears. ”Whoa, let’s take the gummy bears and go” the oneida chief whispered. As they grabbed the bags Hiawatha heard a grumpy voice of a sword swinging lunatic. “TADODAHO IS COMING” hiawatha shouted, but it was too late. Tadodaho and a thousand more onondaga warriors were already at the entrance of the hut. “Why have you come here?”

Tadodaho asked. His face was so ugly it looked liked his face caught on fire and someone tried to put it out with a hammer. “We have come to make a peace treaty with you” the peacemaker said. “We have?” all the other people asked. “Yes we have, and we already united all the other tribes, and we want you to be the leader of all the tribes” the peacemaker said. Tadodaho considered the peacemakers words. He was only the chief of the onondaga because  everybody feared him, but being the leader of five whole tribes, nobody else would've given him that much power. “I’ll do it” Tadodaho shouted so everybody could him. “But you could only be leader of the five tribes if you keep peace in the tribes” Hiawatha added. “Fine” Tadodaho said. “So can we have our gummy bears back?” the seneca chief asked. “Okay you could have them back” Tadodaho said. Everyone was happy especially the peacemaker because he dreamed about not having wars with the other tribes and now his dream came true. After all the chiefs got their gummy bears back they all followed the peacemaer outside and to a big tree. “We have to dig a hole and put all our weapons in the hole” the peacemaker told all the other people. So they did. “Okay, now I’ll turn Tadodaho an eagle” the peacemaker added. He mumbled somthing like choo-choo pancakes and pointed at Tadodaho. Suddenly Tadodaho turned into a eagle. “Now go on top of that big tree and stay up there” the peacemaker told Tadodaho the eagle. So he did, and thats how the Iroquois is formed.











                                                  the end