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This is a book about tips, tricks, and suggestions on how to take care of dogs or if needed, cats.

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Danl's diligent dog care business

Getting Prepared

  1. Know a business plan about what you will do to advertise
  2. Know the cost of your business and how will they pay you and it what intervals like (per mile or 30 minutes)
  3.  What type of breed and how the dog acts when walking them
  4.  If it is aggressive, try not to take it close to other dogs
  5. When walking a dog for first few times, don’t walk lots of dogs, slowly increase the amount you can take if you want to walk more 
  6. Never take more than 6 large dogs at a time
  7. Take certain necessities like a dog whistle, treats, dog poop bags(depending where you are walking the dog), if at dog park maybe a tennis ball or frisbee, leash

Other Tips and Ideas

  1. You should be a dog person and a people person
  2. Match the competition's prices and increase the price as your reputation increases
  3.  Provide extra services included that sets you apart like (washing dogs, pick up supplies for owners, groom them.)
  4.  Always stay organized, looks better to the clients and how much more they can trust you
  5. DO NOT MISS APPOINTMENTS or your reputation goes way down
  6. What days will you walk the dogs, every day, every other day, once a week?
  7.  If dogs weigh more than you and can pull you around, don’t walk them or that leads to problem
  8.  Don’t be afraid to turn down clients if you feel somethings wrong
  9.  Avoid dogs with bad behavior, that gets worse when walking them alone