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Humming Bird Facts

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By: Caelyn Dolar

Dedicated to:


My 5th grade teacher


Mrs.Scott the one who gave me the


Humming bird. 

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Humming Bird Facts

By: Caelyn Dolar

Published on February 6,2017 in Mrs. Scott's Reading Class Montana School

Table of Contents

Chapter 1-Where the Humming Lives  page 6

Chapter 2-Size/Inverdebrates or Verbrate page 8

Chapter 3-Eating Habits  page 10


Chapter 4-Adaptations    page 12


Chapter 5-Descriptions    page 14


Chapter 6-Interesting Facts   page 16


About the Author  page 18

Chapter 1- Where the Humming Bird Lives

      My Humming Bird lives the western


part of the Amizon rainforest and South


America. The level of the


rainforest the Humming bird lives in the


Emergent layer of the rainforest trees. 


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Chapter 2- Size/Inverdvrate or Verdibrate

   The size of my Humming


bird  fully grown is 3-4g


and 8.5 cm. The Humming


bird a verdibrate NOT a


inverdvrate. It can be very




as a grown bird.

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Chapter 3- Eating Habits

     The Humming bird eats all


types of stuff like nectar,suger


water feeder,small insects,beetles,




waspes too. A humming bird can


eat up to 180 pounds.

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Chapter 4- Adaptations

     Humming birds have to get


used to the adaptations. They


survive by the climate. The


climate of the


rainforest helps the humming


birds survive in the warmth.

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Chapter 5- Description

     The description of a humming


bird is small,colorfull,long


beek,small black eyes,


beutifull,cute(my opinion),and


skiny. Some other poeple may


think the same, but others may have


even more description than I do.

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Chapter 6- Interesting facts

     Did you know there are




340 types of Humming


birds in


the WORLD! Humming birds




one of the most smallest


bird in


the WORLD! A humming




hart beets 1,250 times per




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About the Author

     Hello my name is Caelyn Dolar  I was born 10/18/05.  I am a 11 year old girl in the 5th grade at Montana Magnet School. I was asined the humming bird in my 5th grade reading class by my teacher Mrs. Scott. Learning about the humming bird was hard because there was not to many facts to go off with. The only resson for that was not alot of people go to the emergent layer to study the Humming bird. But I was still determaned to keep finding facts so all of you who read this book and learn more about the  humming bird. I found all the facts I needed to know and wrote this book so you can learn about the Humming bird.

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